"Green swimmers hair” is not caused by the chlorine in the water but rather by the copper algaecides in the pool water additives, as well as from the copper feed pipes. The green tint can be eliminated by thoroughly rinsing your hair after each dip in the pool.


If you use a brush with a rubber cushion base, plug the air hole in the cushion of your brush prior to washing. This will prevent damage to your brush.

Bonnet Hood Dryer

     Quick Dry - Folds Up Flat, Great For Travel

Bonnet Hood Dryer
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Convert your hairdryer into a professional hair drying system that is great for heat-activated treatments and conditioners. The Bonnet Hood Dryer adjusts for easy air tight fitting. The hose will attach to the nose of any blow-dryer. It is durable and machine washable and also folds up flat and is great for travel. It should be operated at cooler temperatures as it heats up fast. Start off with a cool setting and then add heat as needed. When drying curly hair, for best results, dry with as little movement as possible. The hood dryer will speed up drying time.

(No returns on Bonnet Hood Dryers)

  • Speeds drying time
  • Helps for hair treatments
  • Folds up small making it great for travel
  • Machine washable
  • Start off on cool air as it heats up very fast
  • For easy application: hang your head upside down to put it on and then flip your head over when adding heat

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The Look

Amber Daugherty

Now I style my hair so it looks awesome every day.

- Amber Daugherty


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