Although excess heat and tension are required in straightening curly hair, it is important to protect the hair from damage. Hair with closed cuticles allows a brush to slide through more easily.


When cutting curly hair, remember it shrinks - so don't go too short.


    Roller Jaw Clamps
    Roller Jaw Clamps will secure curls while providing lift at the roots. The benefits of using these clamps include preventing the weight of wet hair from loosening your curl while waiting for your hair to surface dry. You will be left with curly hair that has great volume and never have to worry about a flat hairstyle.   >> More Info

    Root Brush
    The Root Brush is the most effective brush for correcting and manipulating hairstyles. Repetitive brushing from the root area upwards will immediately redirect hair growth. The Root Brush will prevent hair from falling in your face.   >> More Info

    Bonnet Hood Dryer
    When drying curly hair, for best results, dry with as little movement as possible. The Bonnet Hood Dryer will speed up the drying time. It is light-weight, portable and folds flat making it easy for travel.   >> More Info

    Bone Comb
    Rich caramel colour makes these unique combs easily identifiable. Any hairdresser who uses Bone combs knows that they are worth every penny that you pay for them!   >> More Info

    Hot-Sock Diffuser
    Easy to use, the Hot Sock Diffuser dries the roots easier than bulky heavier diffusers. Prevents heat damage and helps to control frizz. Great for travel and best of all, it won't fly off the end of the dryer!
      >> More Info

    Hair Robe
    A luxurious convenient way to envelop your hair in a high quality terry cloth robe designed exclusively to hold your hair snugly on top of your head.   >> More Info

    The Pump
    The pump will make it easier to apply styling products and achieve styling success. Using a pump will allow for the perfect amount to be dispensed from the bottle per application. You will get a specific amount per pump (2cc/2ml). They are very easy to clean and allow for a clean application of the product.   >> More Info

    Hand Dry Hair Gloves
    The Hand Dry Hair Glove is a great innovative new tool that speeds up drying time. It is made of a super-absorbent microfiber that soaks up excess water. Some curly hair can take up to seven hours to dry, but by using the Glove you can drastically reduce this drying time. Finding the right tool can make all the difference when prepping your hairstyle.   >> More Info

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