In doing research, I’ve discovered that silk is the strongest natural fiber on our planet. Silk’s tiny molecules are able to penetrate deep into the hair without having to rely on heat. It feels very clean and never greasy. Silk protein never builds up.


  1. Curl Keeper Cocktails
    Create your perfect cocktail using our Curl Keeper Styling Collection. Created with every curl type in mind. Find the perfect cocktail for your curl category.
  2. Beach Mist Infographic
    What makes Curl Keeper Beach Mist a favourite go-to styler for fabulous beach ready curls? Check out these facts.
  3. Achieving Shine in the Winter Months
    All the things we love about our hair during the summer are difficult to maintain when winter comes, especially the shine. Learn 5 ways to make your curls shine.
  4. Golden Curl Contest
    With the holidays just around the corner we want to give 6 lucky customers the chance to win a $50 CHS gift card!
  5. Win A Year Supply of Curl Keeper Facebook Contest
    Enter for a chance to Win A Year Supply of Curl Keeper.
  6. Cineplex Sweepstakes
    Enter Cineplex Sweepstakes for a chance to Win a $100 Cineplex Gift Card and $150 worth of Curly Hair Solutions products!
  7. Sulfate Free RevUp! Shampoo Perfect for Swimming
    The RevUp! Volumizing Shampoo is finally standing as its own and is now available for purchase either on its own or in the RevUp Volumizing System.
  8. Social Media Curls
    Curly Girls are very active on social media websites and we want to make sure you are aware of what we have to offer.
  9. Spring Styling for all Curl Categories
    This time of year not only brings seasonal change, but also changes to our skin, our body, and our hair. To create your best hairstyle, it is very important to..
  10. 'Mom' Hair
    Having easy access to getting a baby changed, dressed and ready for the outdoors can be quite a lengthy process, and finding time to conditioner-wash and detangle your own curly hair will be challenging. However, I did find that using the Curl Keeper...
  11. My Hair: The Break Up and The Make Up
    Lucky for me I already have the most amazing hair stylist, so I thought why not start there. I called up the Curly Hair Whisperer himself, Jonathan Torch and we discussed what kind of changes I was looking for...
  12. Extenzz - Not just for tight curls anymore!
    Extenzz has emerged as a product with many uses. Other than its advertised function of preventing curls from shrinking here are some other main benefits...
  13. RevUp! for the Holidays
    By now most of you have turned on indoor heating and felt a huge change in the moisture balance of your hair. This has an effect on..
  14. The Rise of Natural Hair Events - Cocktails, Conversation and Curls
    All that’s needed is a group of women looking to meet in person to talk about hair and a gathering place, and a get-together is born.
  15. Q Benjamin Review on Curly Hair Solutions
    Since I’ve started using Frizz off I’ve received countless compliments and everywhere I go I recommend this product to curly hair girls EVERYWHERE with all curl types.
  16. Natural Transitioning Review
    But a funny thing happened as my natural curls grew and I continued to cut off my relaxed hair, I started to appreciate the look and feel of my curls.
  17. Introducing My Best Curlfriend...
    Every curly will discover her own routine for styling, and for my type of locks it requires a lot more stuff than appear to be in my hair...
    Updates and new features have been added to make it a seamless online shopping experience for all users.
  19. Celebrity Curly Hairstyles
    Loose flowing curls, mermaid-like waves and crafted coils are all the rage on the red carpet these days, as textured hair is increasingly taking center stage at some of the world’s most glamorous venues.
  20. Texture at American Beauty Show
    Texture has become a trending term for curly hair which is suitable because of the different varieties that curly hair comes in. Anything from a slight wave to extremely kinky...
  21. Win A Year Supply Of Curl Keeper™
    If you haven't already, 'Like' our Facebook group Curly Hair Solutions™ and enter the contest for a chance to Win A Year Supply of Curl Keeper™.
  22. Stocking Stuffers
    December is filled with holiday celebrations that keep many of us on the go as we try to spend time with family and friends near and far. In the midst of it all, we still want our curly hair to look its best. Here are a few tips to ensure that your hair stays healthy...
  23. Caring For Chemo Curls
    Curly Hair Solutions has been consulting with numerous cancer survivors for over 20 years on how to manage their newly grown chemo curls with non-chemical styling products and techniques.
  24. Quick Tips Guide
    Knowing how to style your curly hair will determine whether you have a good curly hair day or a bad curly hair day. This is why we’ve put together a Quick Tips Guide that will help you with using each of CHS products to achieve maximum results.
  25. Wedding Hairstyles
    Brides have enough to worry about on their wedding day, and I was determined that my hair would be the least of my concerns. In the end, I was very pleased. My hairstyle lasted all day, staying full, fluffy and curly...
  26. Total Sun Care For Your Curly Hair
    The effects the sun has on curly hair directly impacts the delicate moisture balance in the hair. Moisturizing and hydrating your curls is important when protecting your curls from the sun. The biggest culprit when it comes to sun damage is..
  27. The Extenzz Review
    Anyone unfamiliar with the concept of shrinkage in naturally curly hair is often surprised to see how long tight coils can be when stretched to their full length. That woman you see...
  28. Perfecting Your Tweeking Ability
    All curly heads out there strive to achieve their maximum curl styling potential. Maintaining the right control for the right style means...
  29. New Curl Category Kits
    We are proud to introduce our new starter kits that aim to fit with your personal curl. The three customized starter kits make it easy to get started with the right products for your hair type and to become the master of your own curls.
  30. Seasons Change - Curls Change
    March is the time of year where change happens all around us. Season change not only effects curly hair but affects all hair types differently.
  31. Silk Leave-in Conditioner & EXTENZZ™
    Mixing Silk Leave in Conditioner together with EXTENZZ™ has quickly become a popular combination.
  32. Tame Tough Tangles
    Holiday season brings thoughts of friends, family and fun. With cooler temperatures bring the beginning of jacket and hat season.
  33. EXTENZZ Presents A Night to Remember
    With media, industry leaders and close friends in attendance the EXTENZZ launch party was a night to remember. Jonathan Torch and his entire team put on a presentation explaining and demonstrating the revolutionary concept behind the breakthrough product EXTENZZ.
  34. Curl Keeper and Extenzz - Find Your Perfect
    We have received some feedback from EXTENZZ™ and one question that keeps coming up is “What order to use Curl Keeper and EXTENZZ™.” This is a great question but has no clear cut answer. We have seen success both ways. The first step is to...
  35. New Product EXTENZZ™
    The ultimate non-chemical product that relaxes curls and Prevents Curls From Shrinking. By using the correct combing techniques, EXTENZZ™ allows users to easily manipulate their curls into looser, well defined, frizz-free curls without the look and feel of heavy oils.
  36. Sign Up For Your Birthday Gift
    What is a better gift on your birthday than gorgeous frizz free curls. It is important to always look and feel your best on that special day. We want to make sure of this by offering everyone a surprise gift for your birthday!
  37. Summer Air Causes Changes to Hair
    Whether you have tight, medium or loose curls, whatever category you are in, every curl scenario is vulnerable to frizz in the heat and humidity of these summer months.
  38. Destination Curls
    Summer camps, summer cruises, summer cottages – leaving your home for a vacation is a reality at this time of the year so be in control of your destination curls. Running out of Curl Keeper™, especially during your summer holidays, could lead to a crisis situation.
  39. Let's Talk about Curls
    A great way to learn how to create a new hairstyle or improve the way you are now doing your hair is to connect with people who have similar curl types. Curly Hair people love to share their knowledge and curly hair expertise on a social level with other curly heads.
  40. Blooming Curls – May 2010 Newsletter
    May is the time of year when everything starts to bloom, including your curls! Fashion magazines, mainstream media and people all around us are emerging from the long, dark winter ready to awaken with a fresh new look.

  41. New Site Launch Newsletter
    Welcome to the new “”, the official website of Curly Hair Solutions. This new website is a result of years of research and customer feedback and is specifically geared towards you - people with curly hair.
  42. Frizz Control - Curly or Straight
    Whether you wear your hair curly or straight, frizz control is always a priority and will make the difference between having a great style or a style mess. We take pride in solving individual curl scenarios...
  43. Cutting Shock
    Haircutting techniques for curly hair are very different from cutting techniques for straight hair. You can always blow-dry or flat iron curly hair straight, but it is very difficult to dry a straight haircut curly.
  44. Detangle and Control
    In order to have 100% control of your hair, you need to understand the difference between moisturizing and strengthening curly hair.
  45. Summer Care for Summer Hair
    Don’t despair -- we can give you many ideas and tips on what to do before getting a haircut or hairstyle change. Before you decide on a new cut or style master the art of controlling your curls and frizz.
  46. Humidity
    It’s inevitable…with summer comes heat and humidity. In the past, this has meant months of fighting flyaway frizzy hair. Summer can mean the beginning of beautiful curls, if one simple rule is followed...
  47. Lord of the Ringlets
    Start off the New Year proud to be curly! Curly hair is now extremely mainstream and a look that is even desired by people with straight hair. No matter what level of expertise...
  48. Frozen Curls
    Curly heads know exactly when both living in a cold climate and indoor heading start to affect their curls. Curly hair changes drastically in different climates, making it...
  49. Seashell Inspired Curls
    Who doesn’t love collecting seashells at the beach? They’re a great souvenir of fun and relaxing memories of holidays at the beach. They evoke the sounds and smells of the ocean...
  50. Speed Styling
    Many people never have enough time to style their hair to perfection. What can you do if you are strapped for time but still want that great look?
  51. Curly Heads
    The changing season brings an end to indoor heating and as moisture returns to the air it will bring a fresh bounce to curly hair. Embrace the change and join the thousands...
  52. It's Hip To Be Grey
    A common question we receive from people with grey hair is “can my hair be long, or because it’s grey does it have to be short?” The answer we give to that question is...
  53. Feeling Hot Hot Hot
    Summer is now in full swing and the heat is on! You can have fun playing with new hairstyles, but remember to keep your hair long enough so that it can be worn up on the hot humid days.
  54. Introducing Tweek
    Curly Hair Solutions and Jonathan Torch are very pleased to introduce Tweek, the first ever hairspray in a cream form for curly hair. This revolutionary product is a great way to fine tune your hairstyle.
  55. Honour Roll Curls
    Now that another school year is here, both students and parents are ready to concentrate on good grades, punctuality and looking their best from head to toe.
  56. Curly Autumn Tones
    With the change in season comes change in colours. This change we see in the environment around us as well as with hair colour. Through the years hair colour has come a long way.
  57. Winter Hat Hazards
    The most frustrating thing that people with curly hair experience is that once you put on a hat, helmet, hair band or any other hair accessory you are committed to keeping it on, otherwise you will have a style disaster on your hands.
  58. Cool Clean Curls
    Some curly heads go to such extremes to control their frizzy hair that they totally avoid shampoo and never clean their hair with traditional shampoos. In a world without dust and pollution...
  59. Power of Protein
    Why is your colour richer at the root area (scalp) than near the ends? This is due to a higher concentration of proteins in the new hair near the scalp, causing the colour...
  60. Curls for School
    The pressure of the first day of school can be less severe when you know exactly how you will be wearing your hair and how to control your curls. How are you going to control those stubborn frizzy curls...
  61. Wet Styling
    You can learn to control all different types of frizz through wet styling. Using Curl Keeper, a non-silicone water based formula, along with our latest styling techniques, you can achieve total frizz free curl control
  62. New Style Resolution
    Happy New Year. We welcome first-time curlies to a brand new year of Curl Freedom and our loyal club members to another year of frizz free curls. The first and most important step you will need to take is...
  63. Avoid Spring Breakage
    March is the beginning a new season, a fresh start. A time to change and try something new. Lucky for you curly hair is very in. Like never before its hot to be curly...
  64. Cold Water Rinsing
    There are millions of people that practice all kinds of beauty folklore theories and fables that get passed down through generations. Some of them are common sense and some simply are not true.
  65. Colour Shock
    When curly heads colour their hair, the curls and wave patterns shift. The same is true for any chemical process such as relaxers and perms. The chemicals cause the hair cuticles to...
  66. Swimming Curls
    The month of August can be very hot hazy and humid and everyone is looking for ways to cool down. You want to feel the breeze by getting your hair off of your neck and away from your face.
  67. Back To School
    Essays, exams, GPA's and looking good... the leading causes of stress in a student's life. As kids begin the ritual of preparing for the first day back, it's the hair that will make or break the look.
  68. This Season's Hottest Trends
    Whatever the occasion - weekend brunch, business lunch or a night out on the town - This collection showcases the hottest hairstyles that capture the latest trends and suit everyone's personal style.
  69. Hottest Trends Part Two
    No matter how busy your life gets, it is important to pay attention to your hair and the impression it makes about you. Regardless of the occasion, event or location you're headed to, choose a hairstyle that you are comfortable with.
  70. Gift Curls
    One of the greatest gifts you can give someone close to you is to lift their self esteem and give them the ability to discover curl freedom. With curl freedom comes style confidence and the confidence to...
  71. Winter Bounce
    Winter is the time of year when curls can become flat. Loose wavy and curly hair loses its shape which makes it much harder to maintain your hairstyle. For these people the summer time is...
  72. Spring Fling
    Winter is almost over and we are looking forward to spring. Autumn colours are starting to fade and spring tones will become the new “in style” look. This change will boost your spirits and get you ready for...
  73. Curl Freedom
    Summer will soon be here, and with the longer days and warmer weather you will have to contend with the frizz created by high humidity. Curly heads know that when the humidity hits, so does the frizz.
  74. New You Resolution
    New Years is when you have the opportunity to start with a clean slate and take control of your look. This year have patience and let your hair grow. Long curly hair is easier to manage than short curls and the..
  75. Winterize Your Hair
    During the cold winter months indoor heating sucks excess moisture out of the air, and your hair. Looser curls and waves start to easily straighten and hairstyles flatten.
  76. Bounce Into Spring
    When winter ends and spring finally arrives, we all feel the need for change – especially with your hairstyle. Change usually involves sacrifice, but you don’t have to sacrifice length in order to achieve a new
  77. Humidity
    It’s inevitable…with summer comes heat and humidity. In the past, this has meant months of fighting flyaway frizzy hair. Summer can mean the beginning of beautiful curls, if one simple rule is followed...
  78. Holiday Curls On A Budget
    Throughout history the one industry that has been able to survive an economic downturn is the beauty industry. We believe most people understand that in order to excel in a downward market, lift your spirits and...
  79. New You Resolution
    2010 could be the start of a New Year filled with greatness and change. It can be the time to find the curly hair expert that lives within you. To help you accomplish this goal we...
  80. Conquer Winter Static
    In the cold winter months it is common for curly hair to become dry and brittle. This is not caused by the actual weather outside but rather, it is caused by indoor heating. Indoor heating sucks the...
  81. Curls For All Ages
    Most people with curly hair have awful memories of when they were younger and no one knew how to manage curly hair. Kids with curly hair are always being chased by their parents wanting to get the tangles out.
  82. Curly Or Straight
    Styling your hair curly or straight are two opposite techniques. When you dry your hair curly, Curl Keeper is the ultimate tool because it will totally control all frizz and keep your curls where they should be.
  83. Runway Curls
    This year, at the Allied Beauty Association (ABA) show in Toronto, it was very clear that beauty manufacturers and industry leaders are heading towards change. We saw the latest and greatest beauty products...
  84. We're Bringing Colour Back
    We know that the sun lightens your hair and darkens your skin. The colour tones in your hair that have been damaged by the sun can be easily restored to healthy, deeper and enriched shades by using the right products.
  85. The Cure for All Curls
    During these hot humid summer days, every curl type reacts differently and requires different styling techniques and products. Some curl types, such as loose wavy curls, will embrace the humidity and allow you to achieve more defined curls.
  86. Summer Prepping
    When you think of gold colour, do not think brassy. Gold as a colour tone is the most important pigment to emphasize for successful colouring of grey hair.
  87. Slip Stubborn Tangles
    This is the time of year when curly heads notice extra tangles at the back of their head where their hair meets the collar of a jacket. The collars on winter jackets constantly rub against the hair which inevitably causes knots and tangles.
  88. Sleeping on Curly Hair
    If you do your hair at night you will have more time to get ready in the morning! September is the time when big changes occur to your daily routine. The laidback pace of summer comes to an abrupt end.
  89. Holiday Essentials
    The holiday season may be just around the corner but preparing to look your best starts right now. Here are some essential tips that will guarantee the great curls that will take you from your everyday busy life to your most important holiday events and functions.
  90. Heat the Tweek
    Tweek is a very unique product and learning how to use it more effectively will vary from one curly head to another. Because of its popularity we have come up with several new and effective techniques which have evolved since we originally launched Tweek.
  91. Getting Your IT Curls
    Do you have "IT" Curls? When your curls reach their ultimate potential, when they look and feel the best that they can, you have "IT" Curls.
  92. Boosting Curl Confidence
    One of our greatest joys is seeing the boost in confidence that comes when someone knows they look good in their new curly hairstyle. This is especially true with teenagers and children. When they learn how to create a great hairstyle by themselves, their self esteem rises enormously and they feel they can conquer the world.
  93. 10th Anniversary Celebration is officially 10 years old. Created in February 2000 we have grown into a website that offers a wealth of knowledge, tips, techniques and the highest quality products for curly hair. Providing products that perform 100% of the time and ...

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