In doing research, I’ve discovered that silk is the strongest natural fiber on our planet. Silk’s tiny molecules are able to penetrate deep into the hair without having to rely on heat. It feels very clean and never greasy. Silk protein never builds up.


Winter Bounce

Winter Bounce

Winter is the time of year when curls can become flat.  Loose wavy and curly hair loses its shape which makes it much harder to maintain your hairstyle.  For these people the summer time is much easier to maintain their hair as humidity creates the volume and bounce needed to have fullness.  Winter draught has literally sucked out the moisture needed for style support.  Some go to the extent of sleeping with a humidifier in their bedroom to maintain a better moisture lever in their hair. 

When this happens you need a stronger hold to help keep the curls intact and prevent flat looking curls.  We recommend applying extra Gel to the hair.  Try mixing some of our Gel in with Curl Keeper which will provide added support to deepen the "S" formation of a curl.  The holding power for curly hair is not the same needed for straight hair.  Curly Hair Solutions Gel will not spike hair.  Although Curl Keeper will get rid of the frizz and give you control of your curls, Gel will provide the extra hold that will last all day.  Our Gel reactivates with water the same way Curl Keeper does and also contains no silicones.  This allows for easy and even distribution on wet hair as well as provides just the right amount of hold for curly hair so the hair remains clean and never flakes.   

As no two curls are the same the proportion of Gel to Curl Keeper will vary depending on hair type.  Looser curls will require more Gel to achieve more volume and bounce. 


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