In doing research, I’ve discovered that silk is the strongest natural fiber on our planet. Silk’s tiny molecules are able to penetrate deep into the hair without having to rely on heat. It feels very clean and never greasy. Silk protein never builds up.


Fine hair is quite porous (the ability to absorb water) but does not hold it long (it dries fast). This must be taken into account for all chemical processes.

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The Curly Hair Club was formed in 1988 by Jonathan Torch in order to address the specific needs of people with curly hair. Our obsession with healthy full hair of all types, drives us to develop new products and techniques. We believe in sharing our findings with everyone. The Club has one purpose, and that is to gain insight into the problems that affect each specific curly lock of hair and develop products or techniques to solve these problems.
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Over the years, the Club has grown and it's members have helped enormously in developing innovative treatments specifically for curly hair needs. The Club's founder and president, Jonathan Torch, has worked on hundreds of clients with naturally curly hair. Jonathan's fascination with curly hair led him to create a "tunnel cutting" technique which successfully controls the excess bulk associated with curly hair.

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This research is used to improve Curly Hair Solutions™ products. The thousands of responses we have received allow us to continually provide all people, curly haired and otherwise, with solutions unequalled in the hair industry.

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