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Learning to identify and understand the definition of your curly hair is the first and most important step in controlling your curly hairstyle. Whether you have loose/wavy curls, medium curls, or tight/kinky curls, styling curly hair will depend on your ability to use the right products and techniques for your curl type. Once you do, it will be possible to have total control of your curls easily and consistently day after day.

Every curly head has a variety of curls within the same head of hair that is constantly changing and shifting. Climate and weather conditions have a dramatic effect on curly hair. Even health, medications, stress, and hormones can affect your curls. It would be proper to say that some curls are moody and have a mind of their own. So make best friends with your curls and "learn to love your curls".  

Category 2: Medium Curls

Medium curl has a very firm "S" formation curl. It takes hair 2.5 twirls or bends to make a ringlet which has bounce and looks like the perfect curl. Medium curls have the right support so they maintain their bounce and the curl is consistent from roots to ends. It is very common for a medium curly heads to have several curl types throughout their hair; from fine to thick and from loose curl to tight curl, all within the same head of hair. There are many different techniques to manipulate the curl formation which can produce a number of different looks. Within this curl category, short, funkier styles are easily attainable and styles last longer, sometimes only needing a cut twice a year.

For fine medium curls, the drying process can be very aggressive and this will create a softer, bouncier look. By bending your head forward during the drying process will add volume and bounce.

For thick medium curls, there should be a lot less movement during the drying process. Too much movement will create unwanted bulky sections that require the tunnel cut as a solution to control excess volume. Too much hair around the face must be avoided here so as not to create a heavy curtain-like effect.

Products We Recommend For Medium Curls:

Treatment Shampoo OR Silk Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Keeper™ Original, Slip™ Detangler, Silk Leave-In Conditioner, Tweek™, Bone Comb

SHAMPOO - Both Treatment Shampoo and Silk Shampoo are perfectly pH balanced for fine and coarse medium curls. They are gentle enough for everyday use, even on colour treated hair. For coarse medium hair, use Silk Shampoo as it adds additional moisture to keep hair soft. For fine medium curls that tend to be weaker, use Treatment Shampoo as it strengthens hair and improves elasticity which allows curls to retain their bounce.

CONDITIONER – After shampooing, use Conditioner as it provides protection and moisturizes without weighing down or causing buildup in your hair. For extra moisture on severely dry hair, Pure Silk Protein can occasionally be used as a treatment.

SLIP™ DETANGLER – This leave-in detangling conditioner will remove all tangles and knots, and any loose hair. Spray generously on wet hair and leave for 20-30 seconds before combing through hair from roots to ends.

CURL KEEPER™ ORIGINAL – Distribute Curl Keeper™ Original on wet hair from roots to ends, allowing the water to distribute Curl Keeper™ Original evenly. Make sure to use a lot of product as it does not contain silicone and your hair will never be greasy or have product buildup.

SILK LEAVE-IN CONDTIONER – This product smoothes and softens the rough, dry hair cuticles that are always the first to frizz. Using Silk Leave-in Conditioner will ensure that your hair looks and feels soft. Apply this product to dry, wiry curls while hair is still wet.

BONE COMB – At this point, use the bone comb to evenly distribute product by combing through from roots to ends. Let your hair dry naturally, but you can use a diffuser to speed up the drying process if desired.

TWEEK™ – Tweek™ completely eliminates fly-away hair and will keep your style looking great for several days. Apply Tweek™ to dry hair to create and maintain volume, bounce and shine. Tweek™ is the perfect fix for flat spots or broken hair styles.

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