Using the right tools for the job will help each of the process. Every stylist has many tools in their drawer, make sure that they use the right ones for your wonderful curly hair.

Styling and Makeover Videos


Our curly hair accessories are the collection of the most effective tools that will assist in making it easier for you to achieve your desired curly hairstyle. Our accessories provide styling success on a consistent basis by solving issues that is fundamental for perfect style management for your curly hair.

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Curl Keeper Cocktail Kinky

For most of us it is a challenge to solve our natural curl problems with just one product. It is possible to solve a few problems at once by mixing a couple of products together. So we have created the perfect Curl Keeper Cocktail for Kinky Curls!

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Curl Keeper Cocktail Tight

For most of us it is a challenge to solve our natural curl problems with just one product. It is possible to solve a few problems at once by mixing a couple of products together. So we have created the perfect Curl Keeper Cocktail for Tight Curls!

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Curl Keeper Cocktail Medium

For most of us it is a challenge to solve our natural curl problems with just one product. It is possible to solve a few problems at once by mixing a couple of products together. So we have created the perfect Curl Keeper Cocktail for Medium Curls!

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Curl Keeper Cocktail Loose

For most of us it is a challenge to solve our natural curl problems with just one product. It is possible to solve a few problems at once by mixing a couple of products together. So we have created the perfect Curl Keeper Cocktail for Loose Curls!

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Curl Keeper H20 Water Bottle

A refillable ultra-fine bottle that delivers a continual spray. The spray allows for controlled and proper amounts of water required to reactivate and rehydrate your curls for several great styling days.

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Curl Keeper® Styling Cream

Curl Keeper® Styling Cream allows you to easily manipulate your naturally kinky curls into well defined, frizz-free curls that boasts ultimate softness and shine. A solution that will supports all your styling needs.

>>Watch Curl Keeper® Styling Cream

Jonathan Torch: I'm here today to show you about my latest product Extenzz. It is a wonderful product that stops curly hair from shrinking, perfect for tight, curly, kinky hair. It is easy to use, it's clean, there's no silicones, it reactivates with water, so your style will last for days. The fascinating thing with curly hair is no two people are alike. What separates us is vast from different ethnicities to different types of curl pattern, sometimes within the same head of hair. Her hair has this one patch that is very difficult to control. She's tried everything. She has major control through here, but this is her picky area. I'm gonna show you that without chemicals you can have longer, controlled, frizz-free hair that last for days. Take advantage of the hair while it's wet. Don't [inaudible 01:00] dry your hair anymore. Allow the wet hair to distribute the Extenzz easily from roots to ends. Then you put Extenzz, it's very easy to manipulate the curls to do exactly what you want. You can learn exactly how to group your hair, learning if you want a loose curl or a tight curl. While your hair is wet it's pliable. You can do whatever you want to it. You can mold it and place it into any shape you want. Extenzz is the product that will stop it from shrinking and maintain the memory of it while it was wet. As you can see, she has total control of all her frizz. Her hair has dried in the same long state it was while it was wet. And as it has set, it is soft and very clean and very light. There is no residue, no flakiness at all. And this picky spot that always fuzzes up, totally controlled. Squeeze as much as you may need. We emulsify it in the hands and we apply it everywhere, roots to ends. Allow the water in the hair to just make distribution very cleanly and very easily. We start off with a large toothcomb making it much easier to remove all the tangles and remove all the loose hair. Using Extenzz makes it easier to untangle even some of the tightest knots. The more tension I use the looser the curls become. I use the root brush to help unravel even the tightest of curls. By adding tension when I let go the looser curls form very cleanly and very easily on the [inaudible 02:54]. It's painless and easy to do. As you can see, her hair is clean and it's soft and it's not greasy and it's not sticky. She can play with it, she can be aggressive with it. The style will last for days without ever feeling greasy or sticky. There is no frizz. Shake your head. Let's go wild. Have a look at that. All right, let's see. It's perfect. Not a hair is out of place and there's no feel of any product or any residue, no flaking, and no frizz. What could be easier than that? Most people with tight, kinky hair been told never use a brush on hair. But once you've taken out all the tangles and once all the loose hair is removed the root brush easily glide through the hair elongating the curls and resulting with perfect easy to form ringlets. We start off by bring it through to the hair from roots to ends adding tension all the time. You can see how easily the root brush spreads the Extenzz from roots to ends. You can see the how the tension is maintained using the root brush. When there is a snag, the root brush is incredibly flexible and it's a simple nylon bristle that does not break or damage the hair. Take advantage of your hair while it was wet with Extenzz. You'll be able to manipulate your hair to whatever shape you want. Even if you took all the section and made one big curl, allow your hair to dry on its own. When it dries it separates so easily because it's not sticky and it keeps the hair in the exact same shape that it was while it's wet. Extenzz prevents the curls from shrinking up and you can create longer, looser curls with so much styling is. Once it's dried, you will feel that the hair is soft and very, very clean. You won't see or feel any residue in the hair and the hair was stay as long until you wash it and then it rinses out clean as if you never put anything in your hair. As you have seen, there are so many different ways of controlling your hair. No two people are the same. Come visit and learn so many different techniques how you can style your hair and be master of your curls.

Curl Keeper® Original Tutorial

Discover how simple and easy it is to transform your unmanageable frizzy curls into fabulous bouncy, well defined frizz controlled curls with Curl Keeper® Original.

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Hi, I'm Chantel and I am a stylist at the Curly Hair Institute and I'm going to teach you how to use Curl Keeper. First step is you have to make sure your hair is very, very wet, and detangled. Second step you gotta make sure that there's a lot, a lot of Curl Keeper. You can never, ever overdo it but you can under do it, so just keep putting the Curl Keeper on. Keep going. Okay, stop. [MUSIC] After you put the Curl Keeper in, just make sure you brush your hair from roots to ends just so it's everywhere. Get it into the hair, can I say it like that? Yeah? [LAUGH]. There's three ways you can form the curl. You can squish and go. You can twist it. Or you can part it and shake it. After you form the curl, you have to let it air dry. So do what you've got to do in the morning, read a magazine, have a coffee. And then as soon as it's a little surface dry, then you can diffuse it or you can still let it air dry. Almost there. Just a little air dry. Don't touch it too much. And after when it's all done you can just play with it. [MUSIC] And then you have nice bouncy curls like me. [MUSIC] Okay bye, have fun with your curls. Bye, I'm done [LAUGH]. [MUSIC]

Curl Keeper® Original with Jonathan Torch

Jonathan Torch, creator of Curly Hair Solutions curly hair products, shares his love for curly hair and how he created the most popular product, Curl Keeper® Original.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jonathan Torch from Curly Hair Solutions and I developed Curl Keeper, the best product to show you how to control your frizz. Curly hair is totally fascinating. The most intriguing thing about curly hair is that it's always different. As a designer I was fascinated because I have to be very very flexible. There's no one technique for all types of hair. And curly hair is challenging. But when it's controlled, it is absolutely amazing and wonderful. It's got personality, it's got bounce, it's got movement. It's an accessory that shows uniqueness. People have always loved the way and the control they have while the hair is wet. So my option was, why can't we make a product that could duplicate the exact same control that water has? And that is how Curl Keeper was first originated. Curl Keeper was born on the idea that we want something that's gonna work with the humidity. Something that's gonna work with the moisture in the air. And Curl Keeper will attract the moisture in the air. But the moisture in the air reactivates the Curl Keeper, so you have a 100% frizz control, even during the most humid weather conditions. When I teach people how to control their frizz and how they can manipulate their curls to be exactly as they want them to be, they love their curly hair. They embrace their curly hair. [MUSIC].

RevUp! Volumizing System

See what others are saying about the results of this outstanding body building system.

>>Watch How To RevUp Volumizing System

Jonathan Torch: Hi, I'm Jonathan Torch. I'm excited to introduce to you a revolutionary concept I've developed called Rev Up Volumizing System. I have been able to harness the exact same invigorating conditioning that the ocean air has on hair. You will notice extra bounce and curl to your hair immediately. You will be astounded at the power of Rev UP. I absolutely love Rev Up. It's simple amazing, it's like magic to me. I compare it to having coffee in the morning. I wake up and I have a cup of coffee to give me energy the same way as I spray this amazing product on my hair every day. It just brings my hair to life, it gives it volume, and it gives my curls energy and bounce for the day. The first time I ever used Rev Up I have to admit I was totally blown away because I usually have really high expectations for a product and everyone wants it to work instantaneously and Rev Up actually lived up to that. I find it really difficult to get volume in my hair when it's straight because it will end up going frizzy and puffier than what I want but Rev Up gave me exactly what I needed. It lasted in the humidity and it lasted me for days, I loved it. Normally when I straighten my hair it usually takes about two or three washes which means about a week and a half before my curls actually puff back up. But after using Rev Up my curls bounced right back after the first day I used the shampoo and I used the mist. Having shorter hair I find that it's more difficult for my curls to last between shampoos and what I find about Rev Up is that it really helps to keep the style for longer, it helps to boost the curl, and it just helps the curls be more defined and it helps give that angle that I love about my hair. My style lasts longer, my curls last longer, they're tighter. When I went on my vacation in Cuba this year my hair was unbelievable. The ocean air just does something to my hair and the wave and the kink and the volume and it lasted and there was no frizz and I was in love with it. The air of the ocean makes it big, bouncy, curly again and it's just alive With Rev Up since I've started using it I feel like I'm getting the same effect as I was at the beach sipping on my Margaritas in the middle of Cuba. It was just fantastic. When I use Rev Up in the winter it's like I'm on vacation all the time. I love this product. It's about time something came for me. I don't know what they put in there but I love it.

Curl Keeper® Original

Step by step demonstration on how to achieve gorgeous frizz free curls using Curl Keeper® Original.

>>Watch How To Curl Keeper® Original

Lorry: Look at the frizz. I -- just help me, please. Male Speaker: Lorry, your hair is fantastic. It might look frizzy and it might look like there's no hope, but I can assure you that once we teach you how to control the frizz, once you've learned how to do it, then you might not need a haircut. Your ends are not as bad as they look. You're gonna be able to it yourself and it's gonna be easy. At this point the hair is the most tangled and the most vulnerable to damage, so I'm going to use a slip detangler to make it easy to loosen all the curls. A slip detangler has a very low PH balance, so it will close the cuticles that are essential for curly hair without adding any oils or greasiness to the hair. After you sprayed slip detangle in the hair it's very important that you remove all the loose hair. Healthy human beings loose a hundred hairs a day. With straight hair it slips off throughout the day, but curly hair physically has to be removed. If there is a snag you can either spray extra slip to take out the stubborn knots. Work the knot from the ends to the roots, but it's very important that all tangles are removed. The slip detangler will make this process very safe and easy. You don't have to be afraid of tangles and knots. With the right products it does not have to be painful. Taking off the knots and tangles is the most important first step to styling curly hair. Now, we are going to apply curl keeper. Curl keeper is very runny and very clean. You can never overdo it, but you certainly can underdo it. Keeping Lorry's wet makes it easier to distribute a curl keeper evenly from roots to ends. In order to have perfect curl all you need to do is learn how to twist a whole bunch of hair together. We call it the skip curl technique. While your hair is wet you have to control to manipulate the curls however way you want. If Lorry wants to create tight ringlets, she takes a small amount of hair and just twist some small pieces around her finger. It is very easy and it doesn't take a long time. With a little bit of practice she's going to be expert at that. Make sure it fully detangled. Twist it around your finger to get a grip and slide your fingers through to the end, bend it, and skip it. Lorry has the curls. All we gotta do is put on the right amount of product and just manipulate the hair the way we want it to do. Like water curl keeper will dry feeling very, very clean, not sticky and it's not greasy. I don't care how dry or frizzy somebody's hair is, when it's wet properly, it's never frizzy. All the energy and effort in controlling curly hair is not how well you blow dry your hair; it's how well you prepare the hair before you decide to leave and let it dry on its own. The energy and the effort is about how to put on the curl keeper, how to twist the curls, how to get the curls the exact the same way that you would like them. And then with a a bit of squishing you just leave it, allow them to dry on its own. We've taught Lorry exactly how to style a hair using a skip curl technique or other twisting techniques. She's now gonna demonstrate how she can do it herself. Lorry: Once I have curl keeper in my hair I brush it through or comb it through, grab my first section of my hair and I twist. Male Speaker: As you can see, Lorry is meticulous about being as neat and controlled as she can be. She's taking advantage that the hair is very wet. She has put the perfect amount of curl keeping, slip leaving conditioner, and the silk leave in conditioner. Lorry: I like do this [inaudible 04:11]. If you don't [inaudible 04:14], you can put more curl keeper in. Male Speaker: She's consistently reapplying curl keeper ensuring that she has that control. So, you gotta use a generous amount to control those extra fuzzy pieces that always are stubborn on humid conditions. Lorry: For anyone who's got curly hair you can control your hair. Male Speaker: The next step is for Lorry to flip her head over and we're going to bring out as much bounce as a curl can do. So while you're twisting and during the skip curl technique, she's made sure that the curls are perfect. We are now creating more bounce. The S formation on the ringlet will be way more defined when you go upside down and you squeeze some extra bounce out of your curl. This is all done during the wet phase. After you spend all this time in the preparation to guarantee frizz-free hair, we have to allow the cuticle to dry close position. Curl keeper will keep the frizz and the control as long as it has a chance to dry on it its own. No blow drying for the first couple of minutes. The first stage is to stop the frizz. The second stage is to bring out the natural curl by just touching and playing with the hair. Lorry loves lots of volumes. Now, I have freedom to play with it, never worrying that it's gonna go frizzy. The more you play with it, the fuller they look. For extra height, we open our fingers, slide our fingers to the root area, and move it. That's how we create lift. You can have all the lift in the world with no frizz. Go for it, overplay with it. Get it to the point of lots of volume. Bring out the curl. The more we fuss with it, the better the look, the fuller the look. Lorry likes volume, lots of hair, and I play with it without worrying about the frizz. This is what I call curl freedom. If you overplay with it and it's going to frizz up on you or you wake up in the morning and you got this frizzy patch, all you need do is reactivate the product, the curl keeper, with water. Wet your hands and run wet hands over any fuzzy area and the curl keeper reactivates, so if it's humid outside, the moisture in the air will work with the curl keeper that's in the hair. You've done a great job. You got fantastic curl.


Learn how to fix flat spots, bedhead and broken hairstyles using Tweek, a hairspray in cream form.

>>Watch How To Tweek™

Tweek -- A Hairspray in a Cream Form, Curly Hair Solutions Jonathan Torch: Today I'm gonna show you just how easy it is to use Tweek and what a wonderful product it is. Tweek helps curly heads all over the world, unbelievable styles, and gives them that unique amount to hold without ever leaving the hair feeling greasy or sticky. It is a true hairspray, the cream form. It will help remove flat spots, helmet heads, hat head, ponytail marks, everything that you can ever need to get those curls back to life.

Roller Jaw Clamps

Master the art of creating volume and bounce. Secure curls while providing lift at the root.

>>Watch How To Roller Jaw Clamps

Jonathan Torch: Creating volume and bounce on top of the head is one of the greatest challenges most curly hair face. I'm going to show you exactly how easy it is to create all the bounce and volume on the top of the head where you need it the most. The tricks are easy and anybody can do them. The weight of having wet hair always makes the top part go flat, so I'm going to support the curls on the top of the head with our roller clamp. Simply pile a bunch of curls on top of the head and secure them tightly with a roller clamp. Roller clamp will not crush the curl. They open wide and they allow the teeth to get a firm grip along the scalp and support the curl right at the root without moving. Most curly heads have learned that the more you move during the drying process the frizzier the hair gets. So learning to keep still is a very big part -- important part of stopping the frizz. Now, that it's become surface dry we gently undo the roller clamps, move the hair around to see how much bounce we have created at the root area. Just a few in the right spots will secure lots of added volume where it's needed the most. By opening the roller clamp wide, keeping it at the scalp, you will get added lift and the spring automatically create this volume. This tip could be applied at any time even after the hair is dry to get that extra lift at the root area. Allow the teeth of the roller clamp to get a firm grip at the root and watch how the roots lifted and supported. Wow, look how much volume and support we've achieved. It was easy and can be duplicated again and again. Such volume as light from the root area and will last for days until it's washed again. Even after if it is dry, if you need extra support on the top, lift it at the root, apply one clip and just walk around for about ten minutes, and you will see extra lift right where it's needed the most. This roller clamps are one of my favorite tools. They will support the curls without crushing them keeping the volume where you need it the most as if you just stepped out of my salon.

Root Brush

Control the direction of hair growth and never have a problem with cowlicks and flat crowns again.

>>Watch How To Root Brush

Root Brush Video Jonathan Torch: Do you know what direction your hair grows? No two people are the same. It's like a fingerprint. There are all sorts of growth patterns that affect your day to day life, and I'm gonna show you exactly how to fix. When hair grows forward, it goes into the face, you get flat spots and cowlicks and swirls. I'm gonna show you easy techniques that will make styling your hair very simple and easy. This is Ella's crown area. There is a strong growth pattern which grows very forward. You can see as I'm going around, the strength and the direction of the hair growth is all shooting forward right into her face. This is a sketch of exactly the direction that the hair grows. There is a strong crown area and it makes it go very, very flat that shoots forward, so we have to brush the hair against the direction that it grows, so we get the maximum amount of volume. The bristles of the root brush are very flexible, so when there is a tangle or a snag, the bristles blend very easily, so you never have to break the hair. It is also very gentle on the scalp and it doesn't pull and it doesn't scratch. It is a very safe, easy to use tool. Ella, I want you to try the root brush. You will notice by now that you feel like your hair isn't even sitting on your head, that you've got all that lift at the root area that your hair automatically now feels lighter. To sum it all up, with lots of energy at the root area get the lift where you need it the most, pile the hair on top, allow it to dry, and you will have success every single time you wash your hair. Who would have thought that such a simple tool could be so effective? Having great hair doesn't have to be so hard.


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