In order to appreciate the detangling performance of my conditioners, allow the treatment to perform it's function by leaving it in your hair long enough to adjust the Ph balance to the right level (Ph of 5.5). Usually 3-5 minutes.


If you're using a strong, clarifying shampoo, it could be stripping your hair of essential oils.


Curly Hair Solutions® and Curl Keeper® Styling Collection products can be found in various retail and salon locations across Canada and the United States. Salons and retailers are offered exclusive sampling programs, flexible intro and bi-monthly deals and marketing material. We ensure each outlet is provided with lots of information on the Curly Hair Solutions® and Curl Keeper® product line including videos with styling tips and techniques. Our successful brand is a direct result of providing products that perform 100% of the time, in addition to giving exceptionally high quality customer support.

Salons/Stores interested in carrying Curly Hair Solutions® and/or Curl Keeper® Styling Colllections please contact:
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Phone – 1.800.783.8971

Distributors Encouraged. Curly Hair Solutions™ is always looking for new distribution in Canada and the United States and worldwide. Our products are EU Compliant.

Distributors interested in working with Curly Hair Solutions® please contact:
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Phone – 1.800.783.8971

The Look


Knowing how to style my own curly hair is such a relief.

- Sheetal


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