Using the right tools for the job will help each of the process. Every stylist has many tools in their drawer, make sure that they use the right ones for your wonderful curly hair.


Elevate Magazine

We spoke with Jonathan Torch, founder of Curly Hair Solutions and owner of t he Curl Hair Institute in Toronto, to dispel common curly hair myths. Myth 1: A great cut makes curls looks amazing. False: When you have straight hair its about the cut, but with curly hair the product and styling are where you need to pay attention. Torch only cuts curly hair wet, avoids layering, and uses specific hair-cutting techniques designed for curls. Cutting curly hair is a challenge as some people have several different curl patterns on their head. Myth 2: Tangles in curly hair can remain untouched in between washes. False: Although its seems ok to not comb through your hair to remove loose hairs (who wants to separate her curls, right?), you should always have tangle-free tresses. Removing loose hair is essential as we lose about 100 hairs per day. On average we wash our hair every fourth day, so that's 400 loose hairs! If you do not remove them properly, the hair will knot and evolve into dreas, which you'll need to cut out! warns Torch. Try removing tangles with Curly Hair Solutions Slip Detangler, a lightweight, grease-free detangler with no silicone and a low PH balance that closes the cuticle to make detangling simple. After an application wait 25 seconds before removing knots. Myth 3: Using any hair products in large amounts makes hair greasy. False: Curly hair doesn't become greasy like straight hair, but curly hair is a moving target as the moisture balance in the air changes by the hour. Most people aren't used to using large amounts of product (especially hair oils) because they cause grease. But Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper works similar to water, so you can't overuse it. Rather, it works with and reactivates with water so if its raining outside the moisture in the hair becomes activated.

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