It is more likely that a perm will fail to take on red hair as there are more sulphur bonds on red hair than any other hair color.


A lack of protein in your diet will affect the colour of your hair. Lower amounts of protein will change the colour from black to orangey red.

The Look

Starter Kits

    Loose Curl Kit
    Supports a Looser Curl adding More Bounce
    The Loose Curl Starter Kit allows you to enhance your curl with more volume and style and of course eliminate frizz 100% of the time without adding weight. Includes 3oz bottles of Curl Keeper™ and Slip™ Detangler, 2oz bottles of ReMane Straight™, Treatment Shampoo and Gel.

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    Medium Curl Kit
    Controls Balance Between Moisture and Strength
    The Medium Curl Starter Kit will give you the right amount of moisture for medium curls while providing the necessary strength to keep your hair healthy, frizz free and looking great. Includes 3oz bottles of Curl Keeper and Slip Detangler, 2oz bottles of Conditioner, Silk Leave-In Conditioner and Silk Shampoo.
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    Tight Curl Kit
    Control Even the Most Stubborn Kinky Curls
    The Tight Curl Starter Kit will control the shrinkage, condition and moisture of the hair leaving the curls feeling soft, with no heavy product buildup. Includes a 3oz bottle of Curl Keeper™ and Pure Silk Protein, 2oz bottles of EXTENZZ™, Silk Shampoo and Silk Leave-In Conditioner.

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