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Not Tested On Animals
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No Silicones, Biodegradeable
How Kinky are Your Curls?

How Kinky are Your Curls?

If you fall into the kinky curl category, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you take care of your special hair type. Heeding the advice below should help m...
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What Your Curly Hair Craves to Stay Healthy

What Your Curly Hair Craves to Stay Healthy

People often scour the web and their local beauty supply stores looking for the best products to use to keep their curls luscious and healthy.  While it’s obviously ex...
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About Jonathan Torch

Without the innovative talents of Jonathan Torch, there would be no Curly Hair Solutions®.

Read about Jonathan and his vast experience which has made him-through innovative cutting and styling techniques and product development-the Master of the Curl! Solving individual curl problems was the spark that evolved into Curly Hair Solutions® and lead to the creation of the Curl Keeper® Styling Collection. This is where it all began. Creating a series of treatments that would perform 100% of the time, on every curly head, in all weather conditions, without the use of silicones was the goal.