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Back To School

Essays, exams, GPA's and looking good... the leading causes of stress in a student's life. As kids begin the ritual of preparing for the first day back, it's the hair that will make or break the look. A great hair day is the ultimate confidence booster. However, for teenagers with curls, unruly hair can be a source of extreme anxiety, affecting attitude, self-esteem, and even academic performance. Teens can easily go from frizz to fabulous for a back-to-school look that can be maintained throughout the year.

A clean start to a school year begins with clean healthy hair. This is also the starting point to a great hair day. Do not overlook the importance of shampooing your hair. Pollution in the air and dust make hair very dirty and therefore even curly hair needs shampooing. Some may think that shampoo contains harsh cleansers that will strip your hair of essential natural oils. Curly Hair Solutions Treatment Shampoo and Silk Shampoo with a PH balance of 4.5 - 5.5 clean curly hair without stripping away natural essential oils and can be used daily if required. Treatment Shampoo has the ability to strengthen hair increasing the elasticity of the hair. The Silk Shampoo will provide needed moisture for curly hair. Using Curl Keeper Original will give you total control of curly hair and turn frizz to fabulous. A must have for back to school!

Tip - Back to school for younger student's mean lice checks! After a long summer of camp and summer programs tell your children not to share hats with other students. Wearing hair back and up in a pony tail will help prevent lice.