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Naturally Curly Hair Tips for Kinky Hair

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People with kinky curls are becoming liberated at the thought of being able to style their hair naturally, and with the use of the right hair products and newer techniques, they are discovering how to style their hair to achieve great controlled looks. To manage natural kinks, make sure that kinky curls are drenched and clean. When the hair is soaked and wet, it makes it much easier to control.

Curly Hair Solutions™’ mission is to find a way to duplicate the effect that water has on kinky curls to provide complete control. With the availability of new products on the market targeting kinky curls, and new techniques for styling kinky curly hair, it is getting much easier to style curls naturally rather than chemically relax them.


Two Easy Steps to Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair.



The main focus here is to control the frizz, and work on blending the straighter ends and the tightly coiled roots. Use a generous amount of Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream on wet hair at the root area to achieve this. With Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream in the hair, focus on the roots and make sure to do lots of brushing, and unravel the new growth of tight coils. Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream will help elongate your curls, control the frizz and prevent curls from shrinking.


For the straighter ends, make sure to do extra scrunching to achieve a bend in the hair. You are trying to imitate the curls seen at the root area, so scrunch as much as necessary. Make sure to use Curl Keeper™ Original on very wet hair, applying from roots to ends. While scrunching, you should hear a squishy sound. This lets you know that the hair is wet enough and you are using enough Curl Keeper™ Original. If you do not hear the squishy sounds, add more Curl Keeper™ Original and wet the hair even more. Twist the hair and hold in place with a bobby pin when done, and let the hair dry naturally.

As a commonly accepted practice, kinky hair has often been relaxed and straightened, which temporarily gets rid of the kink in the hair to make styling and control easier. Naturally kinky hair can be categorized as “unorganized curl patterns” that are unpredictable, and thus very challenging to control. Kinky hair is often referred to as “mixed curls” or “ethnic hair”, and has the tendency to be fuzzy, dry, and frizzy, especially when chemically straightened or relaxed.

Each hair strand has a fine coating, called lipids, which coat the hair shaft and repels water. As a result of the natural environment, commonly used relaxers, and different styling techniques, this barrier can be easily broken down which makes it very common for natural kinky hair to absorb water at the ends, while newer hair at the roots continue to repel water.

Read the article on how Shannon Shelton transitioned from relaxed to natural hair, the ups and downs and the final result.



  • You can diffuse the hair to speed up drying time, if needed. Make sure not to disturb the root area when diffusing, instead diffuse only the straighter sections to encourage the curl formation.
  • A haircut or trim is important and needed when transitioning to remove all ends that have been damaged from chemical treatments.
  • Put your curls on a “curly hair diet”, and avoid flat ironing and chemical straightening. You have to commit to the transition; the hair cannot handle going back and forth between chemical treatments and trying to embrace natural curls.
  • Start using Treatment Shampoo to increase the elasticity in the hair. Tight kinky hair has been damaged by relaxing and over processing. Treatment Shampoo will provide much needed strength to damaged hair, and will make your curls healthy again.
  • Pure Silk Protein is recommended to restore your curls, as it provides much needed healthy moisture to the hair cuticle, leaving your curls clean and soft

Natural Hair Testimonials:

Curl Keeper™ Original has made my transition from chemically-straightened hair to my natural curls so much easier. I had frizz control the whole way through

-Alicia, from Houston

A friend of mine told me about Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream. I laughed at the name but figured I would give it a try in hopes of wearing my hair natural. Since that first time I used Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream I have not used chemicals in my hair for over 2 years. Thanks Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream!

-Marilyn, from Florida