Is Grey Okay?

It wasn’t too long ago that we started seeing a massive grey hair trend on social media and on the heads of girls in their twenties. Who would’ve thought!? But we can’t lie: when it’s done properly, we kind of loved seeing everyone embracing their natural greys!

“We encourage curlies to do what makes them feel great about themselves, and makes them feel better about their hair”
- Jonathan Torch

Grey hair has always been unique in that there are many theories as to what causes our hair to turn grey, and everyone goes grey at different speeds! Things like stress, heredity, and of course the dreaded aging process all contribute to the sparkles we see in the mirror. The simple fact is that grey hair is just hair that has lost all its natural pigmentation – it’s more clear hair than it is grey hair. Some hair grows in grey, and others develop a natural fade from root to end.

When only a few grey hairs start to appear, you will notice them immediately, and possibly cry. As colorists, we can camouflage them with a technique we call "reverse shining." This is achieved by putting a shine on your natural color and dulling the grey (imitating the same effect that wetting your hair does: adding shine to make the grey hair invisible). But keep in mind, the decision to color grey hair is only half the battle! Since there is no pigment in grey hair, we can't just apply a tint to affect the pigment and be done! It’s just like painting your house: when painting a red wall white, the first coat only turns to pale pink. The same theory applies to coloring grey hair: natural hair has several tones that add to its natural color, and several shades must show through to prevent your hair from looking like a wig.

We often receive questions from people with grey hair wondering if they can still wear their hair long, or if a shorter cut is more appropriate. We believe that all curly hair can look great whether it’s long or short, if it is kept healthy, moisturized and styled. Messy frizzy grey hair is a bad idea simply because grey frizzy hair is more transparent; the sunlight reflects on the scalp instead of the pigmented hair, creating the look of thinner finer hair.

We encourage curlies to do what makes them feel great about themselves, and makes them feel better about their hair, if that means coloring over those greys, go for it! On the other hand, the conversation around loving and embracing what you have, and to work with it vs being told it needs to be “fixed”, is just as wonderful. We love this new conversation about going natural, whether it is about embracing your natural curls, or wearing your grey proudly! Loving who you are and what you have is incredibly important in all stages of life and self-confidence is more important than what others think. So, if you want to work with your natural sparkles, and go grey, feel free to! When styled properly, and taken care of, Grey is Ok!

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