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Blooming Curls – May 2010 Newsletter

May is the time of year when everything starts to bloom, including your curls! Fashion magazines, mainstream media and people all around us are emerging from the long, dark winter ready to awaken with a fresh new look. Now is the time to rejuvenate your style and make your curls look healthy with bright colour, strength and moisture.

Using the right curly hair products and getting the right cut will give you amazing hairstyle for curly hair that will carry you through the spring and summer. Learn how to create volume in flat areas while managing bulk in others. This is essential to the styling process and overall finished look and will make it easy to achieve a super look every day.

Customize your combination of the right curly hair products to find out what works best on your hair. Curly Hair Solutions™ products do not contain any silicones and are water-based. This means that they blend perfectly with each other and dry extremely clean. Curl Keeper™ combined with Silk Leave-In Conditioner or Gel , when used properly will ensure that your curls are styled to their highest potential while always controlling frizz. Welcome the help of an effective styling product to achieve your ultimate spring look.

Styling products are blooming at Try all of our styling products with our Blooming Style Special that is perfect for travel and sharing with friends.