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Boosting Curl Confidence

One of our greatest joys is seeing the boost in confidence that comes when someone knows they look good in their new curly hairstyle. This is especially true with teenagers and children. When they learn how to create a great hairstyle by themselves, their self esteem rises enormously and they feel they can conquer the world.

Along with confidence, there are many other benefits that will help them in their everyday life. Learning how to manage curly hair and have curl freedom at a young age will benefit them forever. This new year we are committed to helping as many curly heads as possible boost their self esteem and achieve the confidence that comes from knowing that once your hair looks great, everything else looks and feels good including your clothes, makeup and all other aspects of your fashion style.

The first and most important step in achieving curl confidence is realizing that curly hair needs both strength and moisture. The correct balance of strength and moisture is necessary for your curls to become healthy and properly conditioned.

Both of our shampoos are balanced with the same strength that is perfect for colour-treated, permed hair, or hair that has undergone any other chemical process. High protein levels in our Silk Shampoo will soften wiry, dry hair. The ingredients in our Treatment Shampoo increase the elasticity of each hair strand, even the most damaged or fragile of curls.

Curly Hair Solutions Conditioner is our cleanest and lightest protein enriched conditioner that will allow the hair cuticles to be kept under control and moisturized. It doesn’t contain any heavy oils or silicones to lock in moisture. Using one or both of our shampoos and conditioner regularly will ensure clean, moisturized and healthy curly hair that is easier to style.