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Bounce Into Spring

When winter ends and spring finally arrives, we all feel the need for change – especially with your hairstyle. Change usually involves sacrifice, but you don’t have to sacrifice length in order to achieve a new look. We recommend not cutting your hair short, but enjoying the benefits of long, curly hair. You won’t have to worry about over-layered or over-cut curls if you follow our suggestions. As no two curls are alike, the secret is learning to control the curl and the frizz by using Curl Keeper . It may take a few attempts, but once you have mastered the technique, you will clearly see which curls are safe to cut. The curl should rotate at least two and a half times in order to have a perfect ringlet. Remember, Plan B is always the ponytail, so make sure to keep the length that will support this style. Sometimes a few shorter pieces around the face are all that you need to get the change you want. Face framing can create the change without cutting the length.

Contrary to popular belief, long curly hair gives you more versatility in the summer months than short hair does, as long as there is frizz control and the hair is kept healthy. Using the right products keeps the hair healthy without sacrificing the length. Healthy curly hair needs to absorb an abundance of silk protein to maintain shine and softness without leaving an oily or greasy residue. Check out our new “Silk Special” and enjoy your length.