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Celebrity Curly Hairstyles

Loose flowing curls, mermaid-like waves and crafted coils are all the rage on the red carpet these days, as textured hair is increasingly taking center stage at some of the world’s most glamorous venues.

From the Oscars to the Emmys, Grammys and Juno Awards, many of today’s hottest stars are forgoing their flat irons on the biggest nights of the year to either create soft, flowing curls or enhance the ones they already have.

Here are some of our favorite curly hairstyles from across the texture spectrum – from the up-and-comers and trendsetters of the recent past to the now-iconic stars whose hair we’ve grown to know and love.


Penelope Cruz: The Spanish beauty has soft brunette waves give that give her an old-school Hollywood glamour look. If your hair is slightly wavy to curly, you can use ReMane Straight™ to smooth and straighten when needed, and heat style to add or loosen curl. Remember that Tweek™ will stop fly away to keep your sleek look.

Carrie Underwood: This country star burst on the scene as an American Idol winner, and we loved how she showed off her blonde waves each week as she dominated the competition. Now a bonafide star in her own right, she sets style trends by mixing straight and wavy styles. Get her wavy look with Curl Keeper™ to get frizz control and add some Gel that will enhance the curl for extra support.

Nicole Kidman: Who can forget those cascading strawberry blonde ringlets? Whether long or cropped, Kidman’s hair always left quite the impression. This Aussie star has gone for a smoother, wavier look recently, but you can have both. For the tight curl pattern, use more Curl Keeper™ and move hair around after it begins to dry. For the looser look, adding Extenzz™ to Curl Keeper™ will loosen tighter curls for a longer look.

Taylor Swift: The blonde curls on America’s country-pop sweetheart make her even more endearing to her already devoted fans. If you have a loose curl or wave, get Swift’s style through a mix of Curl Keeper™ for frizz control and Gel for added hold and support. ReMane Straight™ for safe straightening is a cinch.

Julia Roberts: We loved her quirky, yet meaningful turns in some of the top flicks of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and marveled as she took on the tough roles as well. The reddish-brown and sometimes honey-colored curly locks only added to her cachet as one of the more memorable actresses of the late 20th and early 21st century. To get her curlier look, apply liberal amounts of Curl Keeper™ for defined curls and Tweek™ to support the much needed volume.

Keri Russell: While she isn’t often seen sporting her once-signature curls from more than a decade ago, who could forget the awesome mane of long curls her “Felicity” television character had in the late 1990s? To get the Felicity look, use a root brush and Curl Keeper™ to loosen and defrizz tighter curls, or justCurl Keeper™ alone on already existing ringlets for an effortless looking hairstyle.

Tracee Ellis Ross: The daughter of another curl icon, Diana Ross, Tracee came into her own as a hair trendsetter during her stint on the early 2000s television show “Girlfriends.” To get her tighter curled look, Curl Keeper™ and Silk Leave-In Conditioner scrunched into wet hair delivers results, while Curl Keeper™ applied with a root brush and a bit of Extenzz™ can be used for a softer, more tousled look.

Alicia Keys: The songstress is another celeb who likes to mix it up with her hairstyles, alternating between straight looks, smooth waves, corkscrew curls and big, bodacious puffs. You can be as versatile – just apply more or less Curl Keeper™ depending on the amount of frizz control and definition you need, and alternate other products, such as Extenzz™ to naturally relax tight curls, as needed for each style.

Esperanza Spalding: This talented jazz bassist and singer was unknown outside jazz circles until she won a Grammy for Best New Artist in 2011. After that, everyone had to take notice of her talent – and her amazing hair. Spalding’s freeform Afro can be replicated by using Curl Keeper™ with movement throughout the drying process. Add a bit of Tweek™ for multi-day wear and touch-ups.

Viola Davis: The Oscar-nominated star of “The Help” wouldn’t have made this list before her appearance at the 2012 Academy Awards. That’s when she got rid of her signature wigs and showed off her natural curly hair – enhanced with reddish brown color – on the red carpet. Get this short cropped look with liberal amounts of Curl Keeper™ and Silk Leave-In Conditioner and you’re ready to go.