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Cold Water Rinsing

I receive great questions daily via email. Here is one I would like to share with everyone.

"Dear Jonathan: I have heard that rinsing out conditioner with cold water keeps the cuticles closed and hair shiny. Is this true? I hate cold showers.

Yours truly, Linda, Dallas Texas"

There are millions of people that practice all kinds of beauty folklore theories and fables that get passed down through generations. Some of them are common sense and some simply are not true.

A cold-water rinse does not contribute to the closing of hair cuticles. Controlling the correct ph balance seals the hair cuticles leaving the hair shiny and silky. The ph balance of curly hair is the key to controlling unruly, dry frizzy hair. Perfect hair condition should have a ph of 5.5-6.5. ph is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity. It is used as a scale to match our environment to our body and is essential when treating all hair conditions. On a scale of 1-14, the higher the level, the wider the hair cuticles are opened, with 7 being neutral.

The skin, which has blood vessels running throughout, is vulnerable to temperature change. Therefore, cold water rinsing will definitely have an effect on the scalp, but never on the hair. So go ahead, turn up the temperature and enjoy your showers. To learn about other theories check out this link. Is Hair Dead?