Kids Hair Care Products

For the month of October, $1 of every Kinder Curls product sold will go directly to The Nanny Angel Network. Designed to empower kids and their parents by simplifying the hair care process.

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NEW FOR KIDS! Super Curls™ Styler

Beautiful shiny curls come easy with Super Curls™. A water-based and silicone-free styler that is pH balanced to safely smooth the hair cuticle, creating shiny, manageable curls.

NEW FOR KIDS! Magic Mist Detangler™

Fear Knot! Magic Mist Detangler™ works by gently conditioning and loosening tangles so that hair can be brushed with ease.

NEW FOR KIDS! Creamy Curls™ Hair Moisturizer™

NEW! Kinder Curls® Travel / Starter Pack

The perfect kit for kids on the go! The Kinder Curls Complete Care Travel Pack is all your child needs for happy, healthy curls.

NEW FOR KIDS! The Kinder Brush

Smaller than the Flexy Original but just as mighty, The Kinder Brush was designed for little hands to gently detangle hair with minimal breakage and tension.