Hot Curl Summer Guide

Summer Curl Guide

The votes are in. Our Staff and Stylists CompiledĀ the ultimate list of healthy hair summer essentials, so you're ready for hot curl summer!

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Curl KeeperĀ® Original Liquid Styler

Curl KeeperĀ® Original enables you to become the master of those gorgeous frizz-free curls.

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Curl KeeperĀ® Slipā„¢ Detangler

Curl KeeperĀ® Slipā„¢ Detangler is a silicone-free leave-in conditioner that will instantly loosen hair knots and locks in hair colour.

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Treatment Shampoo

NEW Sulphate-free formula! Treatment Shampoo is concentrated with panthenol to strengthen the hair's elasticity (the ability for the hair to stretch without breaking).

$2.50 ā€“ $46.00 Select optionsSelect options

NEW! Fragrance-free Curl KeeperĀ® Original Liquid Styler

All of the same benefits as the Curl Keeper Original Liquid Styler - now in Fragrance-Free!