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Colour Fading in the Sun

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The theory that explains why hair colour fades quickly is simple when you break it down. Water is (H²O) and peroxide is (H²O² oxygen doubled). So when wet hair is exposed to direct ultraviolet sunlight for an extended period of time, the water in your hair is converted into microscopic amounts of peroxide that cause colours to fade. Rich colours fade faster - a concept that most of us have experienced with coloured fabrics. The degree and amount of fading depends on the colours and their quality. That is why we recommend that you take precautions to protect your hair colour from the sun – for example, by wearing a hat at the beach, especially after you’ve been swimming.

Because curly hair is very porous, it is easy to deposit colour pigment into the hair. It is harder to maintain this rich colour as the hair cuticles are naturally in an open position. As we say, "when your hair is wet it is always shiny" because open cuticles are filled with moisture reflecting light.

Curly Hair Solutions® products have a pH level designed to maintain hair cuticles in a closed position without using silicones or heavy oils. Our Treatment Shampoo contains ingredients that strengthen hair, ensuring that the colour is maintained for a longer period of time. Strong hair is easier to moisturize and holds colour well, which is critical for curly hair.

The products in our Colour Treated Hair Kit will not only make your hair look and feel healthier but will also prolong your hair colour allowing for a deeper tone and shine. Continuous use before and after a colour application ensures longer lasting and richer colour.