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Colouring Curly Hair

Experience, knowledge and care are extremely important when colouring curly hair. The variety and texture of curly hair, from fine to coarse, will determine how curly hair absorbs artificial hair colour. The successful outcome of colouring curly hair depends on many factors, including using the correct products which are of the highest quality.

Perceptive Colour Design

Your hairstyle changes your appearance of your face, eyes and head. Just as the light and shade of makeup can change the appearance of the face, so does the use of different coordination of colours controls the visual perception of your hair.

Colour Shock

When curly heads colour their hair, the curls and wave patterns shift. The same is true for any chemical process, such as relaxers and perms. The chemicals cause the hair cuticles to open and close, resulting in an adjustment to the pH level of the hair.

Sea Shell Colouring Technique

Who doesn't love collecting seashells at the beach? They're a great souvenir of fun and relaxing memories of holidays at the beach. They evoke the sounds and smells of the ocean, and each one is unique and beautiful in its own way.