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Cool Clean Curls

Some curly heads go to such extremes to control their frizzy hair that they totally avoid shampoo and never clean their hair with traditional shampoos. In a world without dust and pollution this concept can work as natural oils from the scalp certainly help tame wild frizzy hair. What I discovered was that not all shampoo has to be harsh cleansers. I was able to create the perfect blend of ingredients that gently cleans curly hair with a low Ph Balance of 4.5-5.5. These formulas allow curly hair to be cleansed without stripping away at natural essential oils. These formulas also make it possible to add ingredients that have the capability to repair the hair’s elasticity lost during chemical services (Colouring, perming and relaxers).

Silk Shampoo and Treatment Shampoo are gentle enough to be used daily if required.