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Curly Hairstyles

About Jonathan

Without the innovative talents of Jonathan Torch, there would be no Curly Hair Solutions®.

Hair Thoughts

A personal consultation builds confidence between our stylists and our clients, and is recognized as the most important step of our service..


Cutting Curly Hair

The creative concept of cutting curly hair styles is all about understanding the correct distribution of bulk, where to eliminate the excess bulk to add volume movement and bounce,

Hair Tips

Combing clean, wet hair with a wide tooth comb is the most effective way of removing loose hair that contributes to tangles.


Styling Curly Hair

The challenges involved in styling curly hair are retaining the ability to wear your hair curly or straight and still being able to control the frizz.

Jonathan's Quotes

Adding a colour that has shine to transparent frizzy ends will make curly hair look less frizzy.


Colouring Curly Hair

Experience, knowledge and care are extremely important when colouring curly hair.

Curly Hair Institute

Curly Hair Institute