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Curl Keeper Leave-in Conditioner

Softens Rough Dry Hair
pH 4.2-5.2

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  • Loose Curl
  • Medium Curl
  • Tight Curl
  • Kinky Curl
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    Curl Keeper® Leave-in Conditioner smoothes the rough cuticles that are responsible for frizzy flyaway hair. Leave-in Conditioner is non-greasy curly hair product that never builds up, so you can use a generous amount against high humidity and high heat appliances such as irons & blow-dryers. Leave-in Conditioner leaves your hair feeling clean, shiny and soft.

    Directions: Apply Leave-in Conditioner to clean wet hair from roots to ends for an even application. DO NOT RINSE OUT. For very frizzy hair or high humidity use additional product. Follow with Curl Keeper® styling products.

    Ingredients: What's in it for you? Click here to find out

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    • Leaves hair shiny, soft and clean
    • Does not leave curls crusty or hard and no product build up
    • Reactivates with water
    • Effective in high humid weather conditions

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    1. it's ok Review by Nadezhda

      It kinda works on my hair but doesn't smell very good.

    2. Love, Love, Love this Product! Review by Crystal

      I used the Curl Keeper Original on my curls this morning like I would normally use gel or mousse for curly hair and scrunched. I then turned my head upside down and diffused only until my hair was less wet - not completely dry. I then allowed it to dry naturally after that while I made my way to work in the rain with an umbrella, but the point is it was raining! We all know how that works out for the most part. Anyway, once my hair was almost completely dry, I scrunched the leave-in conditioner on the ends and {Wah-Lah!} - perfect curls that are not frizzy and NOT crunchy either.
      I love my hair again, and I love this product. I will never, ever waste another dime on hair products that promise one thing and deliver no thing - as in NOTHING! This leave-in has a pleasant, but not overwhelming, smell that will not overpower your perfume or body spray. It's kinda neutral - clean and vanilla like. It won't clash with your other scents. Anyway, I LOVE IT and so will you!

    3. Silk Leave-in Conditioner Review by Kevon

      This product is amazing!!! I started using it in my 11 year old daughters very hard to manage curly hair, and the difference it has made is out of this world! LOVE THIS PRODUCT LINE!

    4. Amazing! Review by tovah

      This is amazing stuff really moisturizes my hair wow!

    5. Can't Live without This! Review by Cindy

      If I had to have only 1 hair care product, it would have to be this Leave-In Conditioner. I'm mixed race and have very dry, very kinky, very pouty hair that tangles with every tiny breath of air. I find that this leave-in is a super detangled for me when I comb out my hair. I saturate my hair with it frequently to re-moisten my curls, to detangle, to weigh down some of the pouf in my hair, to moisturize on dry days, etc. I mix some of this leave-in with water in a spray bottle and spray my hair with it every day and time I need extra moisture and some weight. This stuff is balm for the soul of super dry, super kinky hair. I've been using it for many years now, and I can't live without it! Other hair care products come and go for me, but this is my oldest stand-by.

    5 Result(s)

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