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Curl Freedom

Summer will soon be here, and with the longer days and warmer weather you will have to contend with the frizz created by high humidity. Curly heads know that when the humidity hits, so does the frizz. We aim to show you how the summer of 2005 will be the season of total Curl Freedom. Not having to worry about the heat and humidity will be a reality for you. Dancing the night away under the stars will see you looking your best even though swimming, sailing and sun-tanning have taken their toll on your beautiful curls. Holidays in tropical climates will become carefree and frizz-free.

Curl Keeper is the cure for the frizz disease. Using the right amount of Curl Keeper is the key to eliminating frizz. Our unique formula shuts down the hair cuticle, smoothing each strand and leaving your hair easy to manage. Because it is not silicone-based, you can use a generous amount with no buildup. Styling becomes a pleasure as Curl Keeper does most of the work for you. Scrunching your hair has never been easier and following our Skip Curl Technique will help you form those gorgeous ringlets.

Wild and wiry curly-heads will benefit from the application of Silk Leave-in Conditioner to soften those wiry ends and leave hair smoother and shinier. Curls and waves that are weaker and need more support get a boost when a dab of CHS Gel is mixed with Curl Keeper to provide more hold. We also recommend SLIP Detangler to untangle the nasty knots that curly hair is known to produce.

So, this summer you can defeat the heat, conquer the frizz and enjoy Curl Freedom.