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Curl Keeper and Extenzz - Find Your Perfect

EXTENZZ™ is now on the market and WOW, what a response. It is so thrilling to help so many people with the confidence to know that the results will be great.

We have received some feedback from EXTENZZ™ and one question that keeps coming up is “What order to use Curl Keeper and EXTENZZ™ .” This is a great question but has no clear cut answer. We have seen success both ways. The first step is to apply both products to wet hair. Wet hair will distribute the products evenly making sure you have full coverage. As both EXTENZZ™ and Curl Keeper™ are water soluble, they will blend well together and integrate into the ultimate finish. Experiment with different ratios of EXTENZZ™ and Curl Keeper to find your perfect balance.

The Root Brush makes it easier to get stubborn curls unraveled and regrouped to achieve stronger, longer curls. Using the Root Brush with EXTENZZ™ will create the perfect tension needed to loosen tight curls.