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Learning to identify and understand the definition of your curly hair is the first and most important step in controlling your curly hairstyle. Whether you have loose/wavy curls, medium curls, or tight/kinky curls, styling curly hair will depend on your ability to use the right products and techniques for your curl type. Once you do, it will be possible to have total control of your curls easily and consistently day after day.

Every curly head has a variety of curls within the same head of hair that is constantly changing and shifting. Climate and weather conditions have a dramatic effect on curly hair. Even health, medications, stress, and hormones can affect your curls. It would be proper to say that some curls are moody and have a mind of their own. So make best friends with your curls and "learn to love your curls".


Creating volume is one of the major challenges to people with loose, wavy curls. Most people need and want volume on the top of their head, and wearing it longer will give you the ability to create loose, bouncy curls. With loose, wavy curls, using the right products and tools will allow you to create great hairstyles. Roller Jaw Clamps prevent the weight of wet hair from flattening or robbing you of volume, especially in winter. Loose curls are more sensitive to climate change as indoor heating sucks out the much needed moisture in hair.

If you have short loose curls, often your hair will look like it has wings. When it starts to grow out your wings will turn into long curly hair.

Loose curls can be either thick or fine. If your hair is very fine, it should not be worn too long or it will start to look thin. People with fine hair should also avoid using heavy greasy products that contribute to flattening their curly hair. Fine loose curls get oily faster and desperately rely on humid weather conditions to have body. You must avoid harsh, strong colouring products, especially peroxide or bleach. Use caution when having any process requiring the use of harsh chemicals. Keep your scalp clean and oil free and remember to massage your scalp from time to time.


Treatment Shampoo, Slip™ Detangler, Curl Keeper® Original, Curl Keeper® Gel, Tweek™, Root Brush, Roller Jaw Clamps, Bone Comb

TREATMENT SHAMPOO – Helps strengthen hair and create bounce for hair with a loose wave. This shampoo also helps create elasticity in weak hair.

SLIP™ DETANGER – Instantly detangles wet hair, removing all loose hair and untying knots without ever adding weight.

CURL KEEPER® ORIGINAL – Drench your wet hair with Curl Keeper® Original from roots to ends, so that when you squeeze your hair, it drips and makes a "squish" sound. "Squish vigorously" all over. The more you squish and scrunch your curls, the deeper the "S" formation will be on the curl. To avoid frizz, allow your hair to dry as much as possible on its own. The Curl Keeper® Original will duplicate the same frizz control as when your hair was wet and allow your "new" curl formation to return.

CURL KEEPER® GEL – Curl Keeper® Gel has a non sticky formula that gives extra hold and support throughout the day. Apply Curl Keeper® Gel to wet hair while you continue to squish during the preparation stage. You will never have the look or feel of heavy buildup in your hair.

TWEEK™ – Tweek™ completely eliminates flyaway hair and will allow your style to last for several days. Apply Tweek™ to dry hair to create and maintain volume, bounce and shine. This product is a perfect fit for broken hairstyles and flat spots.

ROOT BRUSH – Repetitive brushing from the root area upwards will immediately redirect the hair growth. The tail makes it easy to create workable sections and gives you volume.

ROLLER JAW CLAMP – These clamps will provide a full looking, bouncy style that solves the unwanted flat hairstyles. The Roller Jaw Clamps allow curls to stay in their natural formation without squishing them down. The claws support large sections of hair without destroying curl formation. They are very easy to use and are extremely durable.

BONE COMB – Created from material that is hard and smooth, and when hand carved and polished makes beautiful combs. They are inherently anti-static and heat resistant. They would last a hairdresser a lifetime, and are a prized possession.