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Curls For All Ages

Most people with curly hair have awful memories of when they were younger and no one knew how to manage curly hair. Kids with curly hair are always being chased by their parents wanting to get the tangles out. Since then we have learned so much about curly hair. This allows much easier maintenance for children’s curly hair. The high quality ingredients available today have increased the effectiveness of detanglers and conditioners with the proper PH level that will close down the hair cuticle without using silicones and other oils. Tangles are a huge issue with children’s curly hair. All loose tangles and hair must be removed before you can begin to style the hair.

Take your time getting the hair wet. Water in the hair will help distribute the shampoo evenly. Curly Hair Solutions shampoos are very gentle. They are safe for everyday use as they have a PH level of 4.5-5.5 which will eliminate static. Do not worry about over washing. We always see kids with their hair standing up caused by static which can be attributed to using harsher shampoos. Swimming is an activity that takes a toll on all hair. Treatment Shampoo is perfect to protect hair from the strong chlorine in swimming pools.

Curl Keeper is an extremely effective product for everyone, adults and children. With Curl Keeper you will never feel like you have any product in your hair. It eliminates frizz and allows for total control of curly hair. Do not be afraid to use a lot as it never builds up on the hair or feels sticky.

Slip™ Detangler is our top selling product for kids. It will loosen all knots and tangles in the hair allowing for easy combing and detangling. This is a huge benefit as most of you who have kids know, combing their hair is not an easy task. The magic of Slip™ Detangler is the low PH level that closes the hair cuticle which results in easy detangling, more shine and protection against damage.

Another great product for children is our Conditioner . Curly Hair Solutions Conditioner provides conditioning and protection with proteins that have a very low molecular size and weight. This penetrates and repairs the hair. It keeps children’s hair soft and manageable.

Tip – Try to get your older child to brush their own hair after spraying in Slip™ Detangler . They know their own pain threshold so they will be able to comb with the maximum strength without any pain.