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Tips for Curly Hair Care

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Caring for curly hair requires using the right curly hair products for your particular curl type and knowing what steps to take for perfect style management while keeping your curls clean and healthy. The curly hair care styling process is broken down into five main steps; washing, conditioning, styling, drying and finishing. Following the styling process takes practice and time to perfect, but with these tips from Jonathan Torch, caring for your curls will become much easier. With each curl type in mind from loose curls to tight curls, by following these important tips you will achieve healthy gorgeous frizz-free curls.



-Curly hair is vulnerable to most harsh shampoos. It is important to choose a shampoo that has a pH level between 4.5 to 5.5.

-Shampooing curly hair is necessary to remove smoke, dust, etc. otherwise, natural oils build up on the scalp causing a style disaster.

-Depending on the type of curl, washing may be required. However, for all curly hair, you shouldn't overclean the hair because you will open the hair cuticle which will dry out your curls.

-Curly Hair Solutions® Shampoo have the perfect balance to give you the strength to cleanse your curls without stripping away natural oils that protect your hair and scalp.



  • Low pH balanced for a gentle cleansing
  • Magnesium induced to strengthen hair
  • Proteins added to moisturize hair
  • Improves elasticity
  • Will not leave the hair feeling dry
  • Cleans hair without stripping away natural oils or leave a residue





--Conditioning curly hair will add moisture to curls that will shut the hair cuticle to lock in the moisture giving you softer curls. Failing to condition curly hair will result in lack of shine, dull hair colour and will attract more oils.

-Opposite to shampooing, loose curls need less conditioning. Often conditioners will weigh down loose wavy curls compared to tight curl where a heavier, more concentrated conditioner is needed more often.

-Detangling is the first step towards successful styling to achieve a perfect curl formation. By removing all loose hairs and tangles with a large tooth comb one will have a better defined ringlet and avoid painful matting.

-Curly Hair Solutions® Conditioners contain tiny moisturizing proteins in the form of silk amino acids that allow for a deeper penetration into the hair cuticle. They help lock in moisture which allows you to easily comb through curly hair, leaving softer curls.

















  • Moisture balance from roots to tips
  • Low pH balanced for gentle conditioning
  • Easily remove tangles
  • Maintains hair colour
  • Smoothes hair and maintains shine
  • Light weight, non-greasy formula



-For styling curly hair, you have to rely on a product to help you control and manage your curls. The perfect product will allow you to use as much as needed giving you full coverage without the look and feel of sticky, greasy product build up in your hair.

-The more hair grouped together to form each curl, the looser the curl. Each curl needs to rotate 2.5 times to form a defined ringlet.

-Towel drying is the biggest mistake for curly hair because the movement will cause lots of tangles and the water is needed to help distribute the product evenly from roots to tips.

-Wet styling duplicates the controlled frizz look of curls giving you easily manipulation for curl definition. Using CHS wet styling techniques after applying Curl Keeper® Original will give you the frizz control and definition needed for all curl types.












  • Controls frizz and gives you curl definition
  • Reactivates with water
  • Allows for several days of styling
  • Silicone free
  • No product build up
  • Dries soft and clean


-Letting your curls dry naturally is the most efficient way to achieving the perfect frizz-free style.

-The more movement during the drying process will create more frizz. Diffusing your curls will help speed up drying time without causing a lot of frizz.

-For a loose to medium curl supporting curls on top of your head while drying will prevent the weight of hair from losing its curl formation. The Roller Jaw Clamps will give you more volume at the root and will not disrupt or ruin the formation of the curl while drying.

-To add extra bounce to your curls at the root, try hanging your head over while drying with a diffuser.













  • Speed up drying time
  • Enhance curl formation
  • Defined frizz-free curls
  • More volume and bounce at the root
  • Suitable for all curly hairstyles
  • Easy to clean, reusable


- Movement creates volume so once you have the perfect curl formation and frizz control, and your curls have dried, start creating movement by shaking or play with your curls to soften.

-It is important to note that over playing with curls can cause frizz; if this occurs, reactive Curl Keeper® Original with water to smooth out your look.

-Finish your curly hairstyle by scrunching your curls with Curly Hair Solutions® Tweek™, a hairspray in cream form, to add extra bounce and volume to the areas that need it the most.


  • Stops all flyaways and static
  • Brightens up hair colour
  • No product build up
  • Style lasts for days
  • Rebuilds broken or flat hairstyles
  • Use on all curl types