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Curly Autumn Tones

With the change in season comes change in colours. This change we see in the environment around us as well as with hair colour. Through the years hair colour has come a long way. Colour is now safer to use, richer and provides a deeper shine. The quality of hair colours are at an all time high. With all the wonderful bright reds, richer browns and golden blondes we see it creates a challenge to maintain the richness and shine over a period of time between colour applications. Proper maintenance depends entirely on the correct cleansing and conditioning with the right products used for curly hair. A shampoo that is PH balanced for curly hair will never strip away hair colour. Maintaining the correct PH level is the job of all conditioners. Do you know the PH level of the products you are using? We believe that this is as important as using high quality ingredients in your products.

Because curly hair is very porous, it is easy to deposit colour pigments into the hair. It is harder to maintain rich colour as the hair cuticles are naturally in an open position. As we always say “when your hair is wet it is always shiny.” This is because open cuticles are filled with moisture reflecting light.

Curly Hair Solutions products have a PH level designed to maintain the hair cuticle in a closed position without using silicones or oils to stick them down. The products in our Colour Treated Hair Kit will not only make your hair look and feel healthier but will also prolong your hair colour allowing for a deeper tone and shine. Continuous use before and after a colour application ensures longer lasting and richer colour.

Tweek is very light reflective and is designed to ad shine. It has a holding power that is capable of sealing open cuticles, especially on day two or three hair days. Tweek is the perfect product to control all fly away hair for this fall season.