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Curly Heads

The changing season brings an end to indoor heating and as moisture returns to the air it will bring a fresh bounce to curly hair. Embrace the change and join the thousands of people who are discovering curl freedom. All indicators point to curly hair styles being the latest trend for Spring 2008 so get ready to see all types of curls in the coming months. Having longer hair will become an important feature in embracing new curly styles with styling ease. . is dedicated to teaching you how to easily style your hair yourself. Learn all about our techniques and accessories such as our Root Brush , and of course the Roller Jaw Clamps .

When it comes to curly hair, it is more important to learn how to control your curls than it is to try and get the “cut” to get you that perfect style.

Try to avoid using heavy coating conditioners that give you a false sense of hair therapy. Silk Shampoo contains as a mega-dose of a protein ingredient which will soften the hair while gently cleansing without ever leaving a film or buildup on your hair. Curly heads will notice the difference immediately.

Leaving the shampoo on your hair for a few extra minutes will result in an extra-high performance. The low PH level ensures that colours will last longer, and even with everyday use your hair will never be stripped of essential natural oils. As with all shampoos, it is essential to rinse thoroughly and make sure that no shampoo is left in your hair.