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Curly Or Straight

Curly or Straight – The Great Debate

Styling your hair curly or straight are two opposite techniques. When you dry your hair curly, Curl Keeper is the ultimate tool because it will totally control all frizz and keep your curls where they should be. Your styling success will depend on how you apply Curl Keeper and on your ability to style your own hair. Make sure to use a generous amount of Curl Keeper , and once your hair is surface dry, shake it around to loosen the curl and soften your hair.

When drying your hair straight, your success depends on your ability to blow dry and flat iron. ReMane Straight™ will make the straightening process a breeze; your hair will glide through the brush with ease. You can use a generous amount without the feel of silicones. ReM ReMane Straight™ is so clean and effective your style will hold and last twice as long, especially on humid days as the formula allows for reactivation with moisture.

The extracts in ReMane Straight™ have been added to protect your hair from high heat blow dryers and irons.

One product that is useful for wearing your hair curly or straight that will make your hair feel soft without adding excess weight is our Silk Leave-In Conditioner . Most people with curly hair have one or two stubborn wiry pieces that are quick to frizz and need extra attention. Silk Leave-In Conditioner does not feel greasy and doesn’t need rinsing.

When dealing with straight hair, a common mistake is to go over rough wiry patches with a flat iron hoping it will disappear. By adding Silk Leave-In Conditioner to wet hair and combing through the stubborn wiry patches before blow drying or flat ironing you will achieve better results and protection, smoothing the hair and having more shine.

Bone Comb

The Bone Comb is heat resistant and helps to protect your scalp when using flat irons by keeping the comb between the iron and scalp. The Bone Comb is a must have for all curly heads.