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Destination Curls

Summer camps, summer cruises, summer cottages – leaving your home for a vacation is a reality at this time of the year so be in control of your destination curls. Running out of Curl Keeper™ , especially during your summer holidays, could lead to a crisis situation. A great way to avoid running out is to send a bottle to your destination, which will also avoid the hassle of traveling with extra baggage.

No matter where you go this summer it is important to have enough of the right products to ensure a great hairstyle and to also have the ability to keep that style lasting for days. Look your best for the pictures that will last forever.

Here are some tips to help you conquer your destination curls.

When you are on the go make sure to take Tweek™ with you. It will refresh your hairstyle and bring volume and lift to flat areas.

Slip™ Detangler will become your best friend during the summer months, especially when you are swimming in pools, lakes and oceans. Your hair will have the correct PH level when using Slip™ and allow for easy detangling and protection from the sun. Your colour will also be shielded from the sun’s harsh rays with the regular use of Slip™ .

Curl Keeper™ is the greatest frizz controller, even in extreme humidity and moist air. It will allow you to stay frizz-free with a great style at poolside, in high seas and ocean air. Don’t forget to take Curl Keeper™ with you wherever you go.