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Detangle and Control

In order to have 100% control of your hair, you need to understand the difference between moisturizing and strengthening curly hair. Over-moisturizing with products that contain silicones can build up in your hair and repel water. This results in frizz chaos when the weather becomes humid. Curly Hair Solutions conditioners are formulated to provide the proper PH balance, which allows the silk protein to perform at a very high level. Improving the elasticity of curly hair (the ability for hair to stretch without breaking) will repair the weaker bonds of the curl. Treatment Shampoo provides strength to the hair, increasing the elasticity which is essential for colour treated hair, and is gentle enough to use on a regular basis.

One very important step often overlooked with curly hair is detangling. Tangles and knots get in the way of creating perfect ringlets and frizz free curly hair. Because healthy hair loses an average of one hundred hairs each day, combing through and detangling will not only give better results with styling, but also get rid of all the loose hair. Open hair cuticles on curly hair naturally interlock creating unmanageable knots and tangles which must be removed to prevent the hair from becoming matted. Using the Bone Comb and our Slip Detangler will give you a whole new experience when it comes to detangling. Use a generous amount of Slip and allow five to ten seconds to properly balance the PH of your hair. Slip Detangler will close the hair cuticles, resulting in easier and less painful detangling without depositing a film on your hair. The ability to detangle knotted hair will allow you to create perfect ringlets.

In addition, Curl Keeper is the frizz control product you can rely on every time. The amount of Curl Keeper you need to use will depend on your curl type. You can never overdo Curl Keeper as you need to use a generous amount on wet hair to achieve the best results.

Desperate Tangles are common with Curly Hair. Detangling Curly Hair is the first step to successful styling for perfect curl formation. Combing to remove loose hair is the dreaded task that every curly head fears. Well, now it does not have to be so painful and feared. Curly Hair Solutions Slip Detangler instantly loosens tangles and knots. The success of Slip is being discovered by curly heads everywhere because it really works. Using the Bone Comb makes it much easier to comb through curly hair and the two different size teeth are perfect for styling!