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Detangling Curly Hair is the first step to successful styling for perfect curl formation. Tangles and knots get in the way of creating perfect ringlets and frizz-free curly hair. Combing through and detangling curly hair will give better results with styling and also get rid of all the loose hair.

Healthy hair loses an average of one hundred hairs each day. In the case of curly hair, the loose hair has to be manually removed. Open hair cuticles on curly hair naturally interlock creating unmanageable knots and tangles which must be removed to prevent your hair from becoming matted and evolving into the dreads that ultimately have to be cut out. Combing to remove loose hair is the task that every curly head fears and has experienced since childhood. With patience and a better understanding of your hair, it does not have to be so painful and feared.

Curly Hair Solutions® Slip™ Detangler instantly loosens tangles and knots. Slip™ is being discovered by curly heads everywhere because it really works. The concept is very simple. The pH balance of a product determines how open or closed hair cuticles are. Curly hair cuticles are naturally more open than straight hair. By adjusting the pH balance to a lower pH of 3.5, I was able to close the hair cuticles, and instantly create the easiest and safest detangler.

I get hundreds of e-mails from people all over the world about how great Slip™ works for them. People are surprised at how effective Slip™ performs. From kids to grannies, from thick coarse wiry hair to fine weak delicate hair, the ingredients are so clean and pure that generous amounts may be used to loosen those stubborn tight knots.

TIPS: An important factor in detangling hair is never to towel dry your hair before detangling.

Spray a generous amount of Slip™ on wet hair. It may take up to 30 seconds to adjust the pH of some curls before you start detangling. Start combing through from the ends and work your way down to the root area one section at a time for tangle-free hair that is ready to be styled.

"The ability to detangle knotted hair is the first step in allowing you to create perfect ringlets."