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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Summer is now in full swing and the heat is on! You can have fun playing with new hairstyles, but remember to keep your hair long enough so that it can be worn up on the hot humid days. The humidity in the air can be used as a tool to help you create perfect frizz-free curls. The more humid the outside air, the more you will find Curl Keeper to be your friend. Curl Keeper is so effective in humid weather conditions that we believe it to be the best styling product for curly hair.

Root Brush . Once you are familiar with the concept of the Root Brush and use it properly, it will open up a whole new world for you. With the Root Brush you can train your hair to grow in a way that will keep you comfortable in the heat by keeping your hair away from your face and neck. It is a great summer styling tool.

There are many great accessories available and lots of different styles that can help when dealing with the summer’s heat and humidity. To have a stylish ponytail you still need to start with great curls. Make sure you don’t loosen, pull or flatten your curls before creating your ponytail. Attach your ponytail to the top of your head and allow the frizz-controlled curls to hang down. This will allow you to stay cool as your hair will be away from your neck and face while still showing off amazing frizz-controlled curls.

Having healthy hair will keep your curls looking and feeling great all summer. Using the right products, accessories and techniques will ensure a frizz-free summer of 2008.