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Frizz Control - Curly or Straight

Whether you wear your hair curly or straight, frizz control is always a priority and will make the difference between having a great style or a style mess. We take pride in solving individual curl scenarios and promise to provide all curly-heads with frizz control in all weather conditions whether you feel like styling your hair curly or straight. Be sure to prepare your hair properly before styling and for total frizz control have the confidence to use as much Curly Hair Solutions products as necessary to achieve maximum results. To combat high humidity and deal with fly-away hair use a generous amount. Our water based formulas ensure that there is no build-up or stickiness.

When styling your hair curly, Curl Keeper™ gives you the ability to eliminate frizz no matter what situation or climate you are in. Curl Keeper™ reactivates with water and provides several days of great styling with just one application. Your hair will dry leaving your curls feeling soft and clean with no product build-up.

When straightening your hair you can be sure that when using ReMane Straight™ your hair will be protected from all high heat appliances such as blow dryers and flat irons. Your hair will be protected from breakage due to overheating and stretching. Styles will last longer and hair colour will be kept bright and last longer. Most importantly, ReMane Straight™ eliminates frizz for all straight hair styles. Tip – Tweek™ will instantly control fly-away hair and is a great finishing product to use when straightening your hair.