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Frozen Curls

Curly heads know exactly when both living in a cold climate and indoor heading start to affect their curls. Curly hair changes drastically in different climates, making it especially important to know how to manage your curls in all weather conditions. Winter has gripped and now penetrates our climate. Central heating is a fact of life in our homes, offices and all indoor areas. It is very difficult to maintain bouncy, healthy curls when all of the moisture is being absorbed by central heating. Extra effort is required at this time of the year to keep your loose waves and curls looking full and healthy. Those of you with tight curls will notice a reduction in the excess bulk and frizz. To improve the way your hair reacts in the cold winter months you must create a balance in the moisture that will keep the bounce and volume in your hair.

Tips to Winterize Your Hair:

There are several ways to ensure the right balance of moisture in your hair this winter. First, use a humidifier. Curly hair will benefit greatly from a humidifier in your home or bedroom. Next, double up on the treatments that you use to moisturize your hair. Our Pure Silk Protein deposits a generous amount of silk protein to the hair without ever weighing it down, leaving a film or buildup. Your hair will be free of rough or dry winter cuticles and you will notice the difference immediately. Pure Silk Protein treatment must be rinsed out well—it is not a leave-in product. Our Silk Leave-in Conditioner will continue to keep all the rough dry hair cuticles under control giving you soft, bouncy winter curls.

Wearing shorter curly hair styles in the cold winter months will provide curl freedom. Longer curly hairstyles is easier to maintain in warm, summery climates. Short length lightens the excess weight of curly hair which allows for more bounce from even loose waves or curls. Save length for summer when there is no lack of moisture in the air. All Curly Hair Solutions products are designed with the correct PH balance to maintain moisture in curly hair.

Pure Silk Protein Treatment with the bonnet-hood-dryer Bonnet Hood Dryer :

When you have the time, pamper yourself with a Pure Silk Protein treatment using the Bonnet Hood Dryer . Applying heat when using conditioners will help the moisturizing ingredients penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Heat causes the molecules to vibrate, resulting in deeper absorption and the Bonnet Hood Dryer is very effective for this treatment. Just apply Pure Silk Protein Conditioner to wet hair in the shower; lather, and then cover your hair with a plastic bag (to protect the Bonnet Hood Dryer ). Attach the Bonnet Hood Dryer to your blow dryer and switch on. Always start your blow dryer on cool first, and then go warmer as desired. Dry for ten minutes then rinse out the Pure Silk Protein thoroughly in the shower. This will provide a luxurious deep conditioning treatment that will leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized.