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Getting Your IT Curls

Do you have "IT" Curls? When your curls reach their ultimate potential, when they look and feel the best that they can, you have "IT" Curls.

The goal for all curlies is to have frizz-free curls in all weather conditions without having the look and feel of product in their hair. Your hair will have shine, bounce and movement that is natural and healthy, without a coated silicone look. You will know when you have "IT" curls by all the glances and compliments you receive.

Getting "IT" curls takes practice. You must overcome styling obstacles like wiry, rough and hard to style sections of your hair and unwanted frizz. Curly Hair Solutions products easily blend together, allowing you to mix products together for better personal solutions. Combining Curl Keeper with Silk Leave-In Conditioner at a 3 to 1 ratio respectively is the perfect blend for tight curls even in humid weather conditions. A combination of Curl Keeper and Gel at a 1 to 1 ratio will enhance and support all loose to medium type curls.

Keeping your "IT" Curl
Once you have achieved the perfect look you can maintain it by using Tweek . This hairspray in a cream form can make day two better than day one. Tweek stops fly-away hair, fixes flat spots, bed-head and pony tail demarcations and is the perfect defense against humidity or whatever weather summer can throw at your hair. Keep your "IT" curls lasting for days with Tweek , the on-the-go, must-have styling tool that is perfect for touching up or fixing any style emergency.