24 Aug 2017

Your Kids Can Be “Too Curl” For School This Fall

There aren’t too many things more stressful than getting your kids ready to go back to school.  Nowadays, when it seems that parents need
23 Aug 2017

Ride the Beach Wave in All Seasons

There’s nothing more alluring than the call of sunny weather and a beach setting. For some people born with loose and medium curly hair
21 Aug 2017

Mama Was Right… Oil & Water Don’t Mix

We all grew up with a wise, older individual who would use the saying, “oil and water don’t mix.” Whether at home or at
14 Aug 2017

Fall Wedding Styles – It’s “Up-Do” You

Fall wedding season is upon us! Calendars in mid-September to mid-November are filled with Friday & Saturday weddings involving friends and family who look
24 Jul 2017

Water Bottle Infographic

21 Jul 2017

Cocktails, Anyone?

All that anyone wants is to ensure that their curls are frizz-free and flawless. However, that can be hard to achieve with just one
30 Jun 2017

How Kinky are Your Curls?

If you fall into the kinky curl category, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you take care of your special
13 Jun 2017

Curly Hair Solutions: Energizing Shampoo

Content research and artwork by Curly Hair Solutions
21 May 2017

What Your Curly Hair Craves to Stay Healthy

People often scour the web and their local beauty supply stores looking for the best products to use to keep their curls luscious and
10 May 2017

Don’t Worry, Curly Hair Beauties CAN Enjoy the Summer TOO!

It’s about that time where your curls are getting ready to fight their biggest battle of the year: summer humidity and frizz. Frizzy hair’s