Hair Makeovers Archive

2 Sep 2016

Curl Keeper Cocktail Video Series for Every Curl Type!

Who doesn’t love a good, well-mixed cocktail that just
29 Mar 2016


The weather is changing and it’s time to freshen
22 Dec 2015

Long Wavy Curl Makeover

Sarah has strong and healthy long loose curls which
1 May 2015

Beach Curls Makeover

Liz has fine hair that forms into a loose
17 Feb 2015

Naturally Kinky Makeover

Naima has very tight, kinky hair that is extremely
18 Nov 2014

Tight Curl Transforming Makeover

There are a wide range of different types of
16 Sep 2014

Curl Keeper Hairstyle Collection

FREDAU – LOOSE CURL Fredau has loose curls with
25 Feb 2014

Short Curl Makeover by Jonathan Torch

To understand different curl patterns, types, textures and lengths,
1 Oct 2013

Loose Curl Makeover by Jonathan Torch

Zeina has a loose curl that is extremely long,
2 Jul 2013

Tight Curl Makeover by Jonathan Torch

Styling curly hair is an art form, and knowing