Seasonal Styling for all Curl Types

March is the time of year where change happens all around us. Seasonal change not only effects curly hair but affects all hair types differently. By understanding how these seasonal changes affect your curl type will allow you to maintain your style management. For tight and kinky curls, indoor heating has kept hair flat and excess volume has been easier to manage. Now with the season change we recommend introducing Curl Keeper® Original with Curl Keeper® Styling Cream. This will help you maintain the control of excess bulk you experienced through the dry winter season. As the weather continues to get warmer, increase the amount of Curl Keeper® Styling Cream used which will give you control of bulky hairstyles throughout the summer months. March is when we have to evaluate the damage done to your hair for people with loose curl from winter months. With the right treatments and a slight trim it won’t be long until you will see bounce back in your curls. The combination of Curl Keeper© with our Curl Keeper® Gel will ensure frizz free curls with the right amount of hold to achieve a fuller style for lose curl. Medium curl can have the best of both worlds. Whether you want more volume or a looser wave using the right products will give you the option to have many different styles. For a flatter, longer look using Curl Keeper® Styling Cream will be your tool to achieve your desired style. Gel will allow you to go the other way and spring up your curls for more fullness to your style. Using the Roller Jaw clamps add volume where needed the most, on the top of the head and lets Curl Keeper® Original to do its job to control frizz. No two curls are the same so it’s important to keep in mind that what might work for someone else might not work for you. Practice makes perfect and there are many ways to use Curly Hair Solutions® products so that it will work for your curl type. You will be successful as long as you have the proper amount of product to water ratio in your hair during application. It is vital that your hair is wet and not towel dried before adding in product as the water helps to evenly distribute the product from roots to ends! There is no such thing as using “too much” Curl Keeper®. Not sure which Curl Category suites you? Email us at with a picture of your hair and the Curly Hair Solutions® team will evaluate the photo and place you in a Curl Category.