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Hair Thoughts

The Consultation

A personal consultation builds confidence between our stylists and our clients, and is recognized as the most important step of our service.

Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

The effects pregnancy has on the hair can be minimized with the use of the right products which help combat some of the problems that may arise.


Is Hair Dead?

Some people say that hair is dead - and nothing can change the state of their hair. No pulse or nerve endings can be found in hair. However, there are many unproven theories.

Cold Water Rinsing

There are millions of people that practice all kinds of beauty folklore theories and fables that get passed down through generations. Some of them are common sense and some simply are not true.


PH Levels

In order to comprehend hair chemistry, it is important to first understand the pH scale and how it relates to our bodies.

Is Grey OK?

Grey hair is unique. There are many theories as to what causes our hair to turn grey - stress, heredity, and the aging process. The fact is that grey hair is hair that has lost all its natural pigmentation.


Indoor Heating

Curly heads living in a cold climate know exactly when indoor heating starts to affect their hair. Their curls change drastically, making it especially important to know how to adjust their styling techniques to suit all weather conditions.

All About Shampoo

Some people with curly hair go to such extremes to control their frizzy hair that they completely avoid using shampoos and never clean their hair via traditional methods. This method claims that the natural oils from hair should not be removed, and instead preaches rinsing out hair with only conditioner.


What is Hair

This is the fundamental question that every hair stylist asks during their career. Not only the physical properties of hair, but what hair represents to a person's self-image.


Humidity is a part of our atmosphere and is essential of all forms of life on our precious and delicate planet. Moisture balance plays a huge part in our lives, especially for people with curly hair.


Winter Hat Hazards

The most frustrating thing that people with curly hair experience is wearing a hat, helmet, etc. and facing an inevitable style disaster...

Curly Hair in Black and White

"Do these products work on black hair?"
That was one of the most frequent questions from visitors to the Curly Hair Solutions™ booth at the Michigan International Women's Show in suburban Detroit.


Colour Fading in the Sun

The theory that explains why hair colour fades quickly is simple when you break it down.