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Hair Tips

Combing clean, wet hair with a wide tooth comb is the most effective way of removing loose hair that contributes to tangles.

If loose hair is not removed, matting occurs.

Curl Keeper™ distributes easily through wet hair from roots to ends after all tangles are removed.

Switching from a wide-tooth to a fine-tooth comb on detangled wet hair treated with Curl Keeper™ will encourage more defined ringlets.

The material used in the design of a "Bone" Comb will assist in eliminating static and tangles.

Adding the right colour or highlights to finer curly hair will add more texture, body and fullness.

Colour that reflects shine or light will create the illusion of thickness in thin hair.

On fine hair, conditioners should be used at a minimum to avoid adding weight. Avoid the root area and focus on the driest ends only.

Fine hair is very weather sensitive - in winter, indoor heating can loosen curls and straighten hair - in summer, humidity will add fullness, body and bounce to curls.

In all weather conditions, Curl Keeper™ will control frizz.

Fine hair is quite porous (the ability to absorb water) but does not hold it long (it dries fast). This must be taken into account for all chemical processes.

Don't cut it too short. Generally, fine hair shrinks a little, and thick hair shrinks a lot.

Fine curly hair will rarely need the Tunnel Cut.

Shorter styles are better suited to fine wavy hair in the summer as the humidity will help support the curls.

Cowlicks or flat crowns can be trained away by styling and pulling the hair at the roots against the direction that the hair grows.

When choosing a shorter hairstyle for fine curly hair, remember that it will require more styling maintenance and more frequent cutting.

Sleeping on curly hair - Use a "scrunchy" to hold your hair on top of your head in a loose ponytail as it will allow for more surface area to sleep on. Your curls will still look fresh and full in the morning.

For extra volume, bend forward at the waist letting your hair hang over, move a diffuser up the length of each curl to add bounce and volume while maintaining frizz control.

Wet, healthy hair has the ability to stretch by 40% without breaking. When released hair should return to its original state.

ReMane Straight™ will assist in hair straightening by sealing the cuticle once it has been stretched. ReMane Straight™ will protect the hair from static and high heat appliances.

Split ends don't affect curly hair as much as straight hair. The hair doesn't split all the way up the hair shaft.

Frizz caused by humidity can easily be controlled with Curl Keeper™.

With thick, dense hair, it is important to allow the shampoo to work its way down to the root area so it can absorb excess oils on the scalp. Don't forget to rinse well!

When shampooing, remember that the thicker the hair, the longer you need to rinse in order to remove all the shampoo.

When cutting curly hair, remember it shrinks - so don't go too short.

Your stylist should avoid being too accurate when cutting, each curl needs to be assessed and cut independently to achieve a natural look.

Curls seldom ever dry the same way each time they are styled.

Careful planning is required in the design of bangs as they shrink and change constantly.

Thick, curly hair doesn't move easily. Looser curls will have movement or even bounce.

Tight, curly hair will have movement when it is treated to a Tunnel Cut.

Swimming in the ocean is very healthy for both the skin and hair. It's the sun and chlorine that causes the most damage.

Controlling the pH balance will dramatically improve the condition of curly hair. Healthy hair should have a pH value of 4.5 - 5.5.

Cutting the damaged frizzy ends will give a healthy overall look to the hair.

Cutting long, curly hair doesn't mean a short or layered hairstyle. Every curl should be snipped individually at the tips leaving hair long and healthy.

Cutting the hair strand with scissors rather than a razor blade will ensure the tips will be controlled much longer without fraying.

Correcting the pH balance of the hair can repair hair cuticles. This results in great styles every day.

Rub your shampoo in your hands before you put it on your head.

Rub shampoo through the sides and back of your head first before the top.

A natural bristle brush has a better grip when you need to pull the hair for drying.

While stretching your hair with a brush, apply heat starting off at the roots with a good grip, give a tug and stretch it straight.

How often you wash your hair depends on the quality of the shampoo you use. If your shampoo is pH balanced and gentle enough, you can use every day.

If you're using a strong, clarifying shampoo, it could be stripping your hair of essential oils.

For oily hair, use a gentle shampoo but leave it on your hair for a longer period of time rather than using a harsh clarifying shampoo.

Using a cloth covered elastic band to hold a ponytail will protect the hair from breakage.

Most people in the world have dark hair, except in Northern Europe where blond hair is most common.

Healthy hair can be affected by poor nutrition. Don't neglect protein in your diet.

A lack of protein in your diet will affect the colour of your hair. Lower amounts of protein will change the colour from black to orangey red.

Incorrect applications of perming or straightening solutions can dissolve the hair fibres and lead to breakage. Take care of your hair.

Be wary of highlighting with lighter colors. If the formula is too strong it will go brassy sooner.

Well conditioned hair is quite easy to detangle.

Red hair contains more sulphur bonds than blond hair.

Hair colouring should be done at least one week prior to your special event. This will allow your colour to settle and look it's best when you want it to.

Any hair perming should be done at least two weeks prior to your special event. This will allow your curls to settle and will give you some time to learn how to make the most of your new look.

Keeping your scalp in an optimum healthy condition will create the perfect environment for new hair growth.

Since colour treatments can cause your hair to be dryer and more porous, colour treatments can be used to combat excessive greasiness.

Depending on the technique and lotions used, a perm should last 3 to 6 months.

Before attempting any chemical treatment, take the time to build up the strength of your hair. Healthy hair will take the treatment better and make it last longer.

If you use a brush with a rubber cushion base, plug the air hole in the cushion of your brush prior to washing. This will prevent damage to your brush.

Never use a comb or brush with broken teeth or damaged bristles as the sharp edges could damage your scalp.

Brushes and combs should be cleaned with warm soapy (shampoo) water and rinsed thoroughly.

Heated appliances may alter the colour of white or bleached hair.