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Holiday Curls On A Budget

Throughout history the one industry that has been able to survive an economic downturn is the beauty industry. We believe most people understand that in order to excel in a downward market, lift your spirits and strengthen your self-esteem, looking great must not be sacrificed. Taking care of your appearance energizes you to take care of others and allows you to concentrate on being successful. You may not have the budget for a new car or vacation, but having great hair and maintaining it properly does not have to mean spending a lot of money. Curly hair generally only needs cutting every three months. Some curly heads only require shaping twice a year in order to maintain great-looking healthy hair. When you use the right products and techniques, day two can be even better than day one. Curly Hair Solutions products reactivate with water and will extend the lifespan of your hairstyle.

Curly hair doesn’t need to be shampooed as often as straight hair. Fresh styles for curly hair can last longer when maintained properly. Although our shampoos are mild enough for daily use, shampooing two or three times a week will ensure that curly hair stays clean. Curly hair is shampooed to clean, not to restyle. Here are several other tips and ideas that will make sure you have great curly hair without breaking the bank.

When applying Curl Keeper to wet hair, you can use less than if you were to apply it on dry hair. All Curly Hair Solutions styling products are water-based formulas that allow the water in your hair to distribute the products evenly. The key is to make sure your hair is wet when applying our products.

When applying a deep treatment or conditioner, use a little less product but leave it on your hair for a longer period of time. The result will be the same but your conditioners will last longer.

Another way to get the most for your money is to order the largest and most economical size of our products. If you know that you like a specific product and will be using it often, order the largest size. This will bring your actual cost per ounce down and save you money in the long run.

This holiday season make sure your hair will look fantastic all the time while still balancing your holiday spending budget. Stand out at your next holiday party with frizz free bouncy curls. You are the curly hair expert and your hair will be the envy of all the guests at the party. Have a safe and Happy Holiday from Curly Hair Solutions.

Curl Keeper Spotlight Section:

Give the greatest gift that you can ever give to people with curly hair - the gift of total control for curly, frizzy hair. Introduce your friends and family to Curl Keeper and they will thank you for it. This will be sure to lift the holiday spirit in you and the others around you.

Show Models – before and after makeovers as well as great holiday styles.