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Holiday Essentials

The holiday season may be just around the corner but preparing to look your best starts right now. Here are some essential tips that will guarantee the great curls that will take you from your everyday busy life to your most important holiday events and functions.

Keeping your colour looking fresh is very important during the holiday season. There is no better time for photos that will last forever with family and friends. Using Pure Silk Protein as a treatment before and after getting your colour application will ensure your colour retains its pure shine and deep tone. Continued use of Pure Silk Protein will keep your colour lasting much longer.

Make sure that you keep Tweek with you during the holiday season. As a hairspray in a cream form you can always have that quick fix for any style emergency. From repairing those flat spots to eliminating fly-away hair, knowing how to use Tweek will give you the confidence to support your hairstyle and have style longevity.

For those people who will be traveling in the upcoming weeks or anytime soon, be sure to take a Travel Pack with you. With 2oz and 4oz travel sizes of Curly Hair Solutions products, the Travel Pack gives you just the right amount of product to take when you are on the go. Consider giving a Travel Pack this year as a great gift for yourself and the others on your list.

TIP – Because Curl Keeper reactivates with water, another great suggestion is to take a Roller Jaw Clamps , dip it in water and then apply the clip to scrunched curls at the top of your head. This will reactivate the Curl Keeper and provide more support at the roots while controlling the frizz. Start your day three or four hairstyle as if it were day one.