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Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

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The effects pregnancy has on the hair can be minimized with the use of the right products which help combat some of the problems that may arise.


There are approximately 12,000 hair follicles on the scalp. Blood feeds these follicles through the papilla, which acts as the gateway between the hair and the body. Any body imbalance can pass through the papilla and affect the hair. Due to the hormone imbalance during pregnancy, there may be an increase in sebum, which occurs because the sebaceous glands are regulated by hormones. Throughout the pregnancy, hormone levels fluctuate. Androgens (male hormones) enlarge the sebaceous glands increasing sebum production, and oestrogen (female hormones) reduces the size and amount of sebum secreted from the sebaceous gland. The result can be seen with limp and oily hair, which can be controlled by daily cleansing with Curly Hair Solutions™ Treatment Shampoo.


Hair loss is very common after childbirth, but this is usually temporary. The hair loss will begin two to three months after the birth and will last a couple of weeks. After approximately six months, the hair will return to its normal condition.