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Don’t fear it, embrace it. Humidity in the hot summer air can be used as a tool to create perfect frizz free curls. We all know that oil and water don’t mix, so if you use products that contain silicone to try and control frizz in humid weather you are sure to lose the battle. Understanding how water reactivates Curl Keeper assures frizz free days even in the hottest most humid weather. When your hair is very wet it is the time to use Curl Keeper to control frizz. The more humid the weather, the more Curl Keeper will become your friend. It is so effective in all weather conditions that it was the winner of the 2006 Fashion Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for best styling product. Products containing silicone may artificially coat the hair cuticle, locking out moisture. No amount of Silicone can control frizz on moist humid days. Using our Silk Leave-In Conditioner is guarenteed to soften any course wiry hair that is prone to dryness and frizz. You can use a generous amount as our Leave-In Conditioner formula never gets greasy or weighs hair down and it also reactivates with water. Go ahead and embrace the summer heat and have complete hair freedom.